Which Leads to Chase, Leads With More Information or Less?

Leads that come complete with all the information you could possibly need can be considered easier. These leads come ready for you to get on the phone right away and get working. On the other hand, leads that have the bare minimum of information provided require you to obtain it.

Consider this, leads with less information are, in the long run, more expensive because they cost you time to track down information that you need to call them. Therefore, it makes sense to spend a few more marketing dollars initially, in order to buy virtually guaranteed leads that are ready.

Of course, it is your choice when picking which type of lead you want to pursue. Knowing the real cost of obtaining leads and conversions will help agents determine what is best for their work style and the future of their agency.

Should You Buy Leads or Work For Someone Who Provides Them?

How you choose to handle insurance leads is strictly a personal choice. While you may follow the suggestions of others when you first get started, chances are that over time you discover that some methods of getting leads do not work for you. That means you can choose what works and fine-tune those methods as you grow your agency.

Mostly the choice of which way to obtain your Medicare supplement leads has two options: 1) buy your leads directly through a reputable lead generation company or 2) join with or work for someone that offers its agents leads. While the second options sounds good, keep in mind that you do not have control over the leads you receive. You can not control for their quality.

On the other hand, if you buy quality leads from a lead generation company you have complete control over what you want. For instance, you can specify demographics, locations, ages, how many leads you want per day or week, right down to choosing exclusive leads versus shared leads. Ultimately, it is your choice.

To determine what strategy works best for your style, test out both options. There is no doubt you will find what works for you and kick-starts your conversions.

Benepath Agent Success Series Webinar – Calling Like a Professional

How do your phone communication skills size up according to your clients? Closing sales for insurance agents on the phone is hard enough, but if your phone call delivery is lacking in even one aspect, your efforts could be . We at Benepath want to help ensure your phone calls are as effective as possible, for this reason we are thrilled to announce our first Agent Success Series Webinar.

In this 30 minute webinar hosted by Benepath President, Clelland Green, and Revity Sales Consulting Partner, Morgan Smith, we will coach you in effectively calling your consumer leads to make the most of every second on the phone with them. Clelland and Morgan get right to the point, coaching you topics including:

  • The importance of tone throughout your call
  • Effective messaging to guide a consumer into a sale
  • Proper contact etiquette

We also give you the ability to ask your specific questions to the professionals that will be answered at the end of the webinar!

Sign up here.

There’s Still The Phone You Can Use to Market

Just when you thought cold calling, or using the phone in making a sale is dead, along comes the reality of impersonalization in a digital world. Nowadays many people are longing to connect to someone who can call them and actually “talk” to them, not text or Snapchat or FB, but an honest-to-goodness discussion with a live person. So consider using the phone (landline) or cellphone more often to engage with an existing or potential client.

Digital marketing, while useful, quick and relatively inexpensive, is hardly “personal,” and may consumers now want a personal component to any sales transaction they undertake. Be a part of that change and see how your insurance agency starts to get more customers because they appreciate the “personal” service. It’s worth a try.

Could Medicare Lead Calls Be Your Answer?

Medicare enrollment is on the rise across the country. According to Mark Farrah Associates research, as of March 2019 there are over 22 million Americans who have at least one Medicare plan. From 2018 to 2019, the total number of participants has grown 7.4%.

In addition to that, the retention rate for Medicare consumers is exceptionally high. According to our current clients, Medicare insurance account retention rate is anywhere from 75%-92% year over year. That means at least 75% of the clients in your book will renew the next year with little to no work on your part.

Lastly, a tip to a higher close rate, get people on the phone. No surprise, a client on the phone is much likelier to close than one that is not. For this reason, we offer Exclusive Medicare Calls as one of our lead services. With this program, you receive a call that you can accept if available to chat with a consumer in your territory already on the phone.

For all these reasons, we believe that Medicare is a great product to get into if you are not already selling it, and when you need Medicare leads, think Benepath, because together we succeed!

The True Value of an Insurance Lead

As and agent, your bottom line is one of the most important performance indicators to your business, but are you considering all the factors?

In the lead business, we often hear a lot about agents return on investment (ROI) or their cost per acquisition (CPA). Though our communications, we discovered something that most agents don’t realize when it comes to calculating ROI; the need to measure renewals.

As part of ROI, initial commission is often not the only commission is you will receive from that lead. Granted, not every consumer will resign come the following year, but a considerable number will. The question is, how can you maximize the value of a lead on a more consistent basis?

Our recent survey has highlighted a potential answer to this question: Selling multiple products. 80.8% of agents sell multiple products as part of their business, and most of those agents are 8+ years in the business! By selling multiple products, you offer your clients the possibility to be a one stop shop for their insurance needs.

By doing this as part of your business, every lead’s value increases significantly as they go from initially needing health insurance to needing life insurance down the road, or needing medicare insurance but wants to add final expense a few years later.

Longevity and renewals are all in the name of the game when it comes to selling insurance, and the leads are not just worth their initial value, they hold value for years. Think about that next time you are calculating the value of a lead.

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