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Benepath was founded with the goal of generating top-quality, exclusive insurance leads for agents and agencies all over the United States. Right from the start, our main focus has always been helping out the “little guys,” including smaller “mom and pop” agencies. As well as individual agents, who need help getting connected to people and small businesses in the market for insurance coverage. And while we have grown and expanded to work with larger insurance companies in addition to those smaller agencies, we have never strayed far from our roots — providing exclusive health insurance leads, commercial insurance leads, and group health leads to help connect agents with potential customers. Read our guide to how our lead generation can benefit your business.

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How Lead Generation Can Help You exclusive lead generation benefits graphic

Utilizing lead generation partners has proven to be an important and effective practice for a number of reasons, including:

1. You’ll be able to beat the competition

Using our exclusive leads is the best way to beat the competition. And as you already know, the insurance industry is one of the biggest and most competitive industries in the US. In fact, it’s estimated that there are over 400,000 insurance agencies and broker businesses, and around 140,000 health insurance agents in the United States. That’s a lot of hands in one pot! Because there is so much competition out there, lead generation can be a crucial factor in helping you stay competitive in a continually growing and changing market. When working with real-time exclusive leads from Benepath, you can be confident knowing that you will reach the customers before your competitors do.

2. We can increase your volume – and your conversions

Lead generation will not only help you to beat out your competitors. It will also increase your overall volume, meaning you’ll be more likely to make more conversions. Selling insurance takes skill, but even the best salespeople can’t close every sale. So, sometimes you have to play the numbers game. Meaning, the more people you interact with, the more sales you will convert, plain and simple. 

3. Your leads will be more qualified

Working with Benepath’s exclusive leads also means that the consumers you interact with are going to be more qualified and interested than other potential candidates. In order to be connected with an agent, the consumer must have recently either filled out a data form or called to get more information, guaranteeing high intent. 

4. Using lead generation is cost-effective

Getting leads from Benepath has also proven to be a cost-effective marketing technique for agents. Instead of focusing your resources on advertising to broad groups of people, you’ll be able to pinpoint consumers who are actually interested in getting an insurance policy. This will save you time, money, and a whole lot of stress. 



At Benepath we only deliver the best real-time, exclusive insurance leads. When you purchase exclusive leads you will be the only agent with that person’s information. Unlike other competitors in the lead generation industry, we do not work with any shared data leads or calls. Why do we only offer exclusive leads? Well, because our exclusive lead generation gives you, our agents:

More flexibility and control

Having leads that are exclusive provides you with more flexibility and control in your sales technique. Since you already have information about the consumer and their demographic background, your sales pitch can be tailored to fit their specific needs. 

Higher quality leads

Another great aspect of our exclusive leads are that they are much higher quality than shared leads. Our data lead form process is in place to ensure that the information we send to you is legitimate. It also ensures that they are interested in one of your insurance products. 

Direct calls to our phone number are also vetted through a short interactive voice response (IVR). To make sure that the consumer is actually looking for a policy before we connect them with an agent. These high levels of intent are what make our exclusive leads so valuable! 

In the end, the quality leads we offer will result in a higher sales conversion rate. Ultimately yielding a higher return on investment (ROI).

Better opportunities to build strong relationships

At the end of the day, if you work in the insurance industry, you’re helping people get the protection and peace of mind they need. The end goal is always to help people or organizations get top-tier insurance policies. But the relationships you create during the process are also crucial to your success. Working with exclusive leads lets you focus your efforts on building those personal relationships. Since you won’t have to worry about competitors. And once you build that trust, customers will be more likely to work with you in the future when it’s time to renew or get a new plan. 

All-in-all, working with exclusive insurance leads will ultimately result in you having more conversations and making more sales, for less time, effort, and money. 


Lead Types & Product Pricing

Benepath works with and sells two main types of leads: data leads and phone call leads. Both lead types are guaranteed to always be real-time and exclusive. Pricing for leads depends on a variety of factors including lead type (data or phone call), product type (health, commercial, or group insurance). As well as preferred geographical location (state or county), and volume. 

See below for each product’s price range (per lead):


Individual Health Leads – Individual 

Factors that contribute to price include specific territory filters, like states and counties, as well as the volume of your order. Pricing for shared leads is based on various factors, so please call for a quote.

Commercial Insurance Leads

In addition to being able to filter based on territory, with commercial leads you can also filter by policy type. Our commercial policy lead types include worker’s compensation leads, BOP leads, commercial auto leads, and property and casualty insurance leads. The policy type that you are interested in can lower or raise the price per lead.  

Group Health Leads

The price of a group health lead can also be affected by your preferred territory targeting, the volume size of your order, and the number of employees in the business at hand. We offer options for 2+ employees and 5+ employees.

*Price ranges may vary depending on location, volume size, and other order details. Call for more information.



We also offer phone call leads for: individual Health, commercial, and group health insurance. 

Individual Health Calls

Like with our data leads, pricing for health phone calls can be affected by the area that you want your leads to come from and the volume size of your order. In general, agents can get leads for a cheaper price if they opt to receive leads from an entire state versus individual counties. For calls, the other factor that can affect the price is the duration (in seconds) when the call actually begins. For example, calls starting at 60 seconds versus calls starting at 120 seconds will be priced differently. 

Commercial Calls

Pricing for commercial phone call leads depends on the specific business policy type that you would like. Like with our other phone calls, other pricing factors include the duration of the call (in seconds) when it starts, order size, and preferred territory. 

Group Health Calls

Like with our other products, for our group health inbound phone calls we offer a variety of filtering options to fit your needs. In addition to being able to specify your preferred order size and geographical region. With group health leads you can also filter based on employee size. The two employee size options that we offer are 2+ employees and 5+ employees. Pricing will also be determined by the duration in seconds at which the call begins. 


How Does Lead Generation Work? exclusive lead generation marketing graphic

You may be wondering, “Where do these leads come from before they are passed on to agents?”. With all the technology we have at our fingertips, we’ve been able to develop a seamless process to generate top quality insurance leads from the most qualified candidates. 

Though our leads are generated through a variety of marketing tactics including SEO, display ads, social media, and email marketing. The large majority are produced in-house, through search engine marketing using platforms like Google and Bing. We’ve found that relying on SEM produces the highest quality leads. 

The way it works is quite simple. First, our team analyzes the market and identifies the keywords that consumers are searching for. Based on those keywords, we will create ads targeted towards specific groups, which people will then interact with. After clicking on one of our ads, the consumer will arrive at our landing page. And if they are still interested in getting a quote, they will enter their zip code and continue to fill out a data form. Once this process is complete, a “Thank You” page will appear containing their matched agent’s picture, name, company logo, and “About Me” section. The consumer is then notified that an agent will be contacting them shortly. Then the ball is in your court!

Some consumers may decide that they would rather call our 800 number instead of filling out a form. If that’s the case, we simply put the call through a short IVR to ensure that they are legitimately interested in getting a quote, before transferring them to an agent. 

But you can be sure, no matter how the consumer reaches us, our process provides agents with a safeguard, knowing that these leads have been vetted and are of the highest intent. 



Do you have tips for success that you can provide to agents? 

Yes, we can send you documentation containing our best practices and tips for agents. We see that agents have the best ROI with proper follow-ups to the consumer. In fact, some agents close sales in as many as three to five weeks after receiving a lead. Proving that an extra phone call or two may just do the trick.

Can I receive leads on the weekends? 

Yes. We run campaigns on the weekends and very often see agents have success on these days. We attribute this mainly to consumers having more time to talk. 

Do you offer volume discounts? 

We can offer our overflow leads to agencies with larger geographical footprints, large volume orders, and extended day parting hours. 

Do you offer shared leads? 

Yes, we offer shared health insurance leads as well as exclusive data leads and phone calls for our health, group health, and commercial products. Our shared leads are a powerful tool for reaching new customers and growing your business at half the cost. They are shared with up to 5 agents and an average of 3, fostering competition and boosting conversion chances.  However, our primary focus remains on providing exclusive data leads and calls. We take pride in establishing a direct one-to-one connection between consumers and agents, meaning once a lead is generated, it will only be made available to a single agent to ensure exclusivity and personalized attention.

How do you generate your leads? 

Our marketing team uses a variety of different sourcing including search engine marketing (SEM), SEO, display ads, email content, and social media. SEM, such as using Google and Bing, is our primary source, as we’ve found it yields the highest quality leads. 

What types of leads do you have? 

We offer real-time exclusive leads, inbound calls, and aged data leads in the following verticals: health U65, group health, and commercial P&C (workers comp, BOP, liability). We also now offer shared health insurance leads. Call us to get more information.

If you are an agent or part of an agency that needs help driving up contact rates or sales, Benepath is here to help! When you purchase our real-time exclusive data leads or inbound phone calls, you are guaranteed to speak to more people who are qualified and interested in getting a stellar policy. For over 15 years, we’ve been working to provide agents with: individual health, commercial, group health insurance leads. And we want to work with you, too! For more information on our lead generation give us a call at 888-684-3121 or fill out our form.