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insurance leads text overlaying image of insurance agent speaking with customersAs an insurance agent, you know that getting a quality insurance policy has never been more important than it is today. But, for so many people who aren’t in the insurance industry, looking for insurance can be confusing and frustrating. They might be either unsure how to find the right policy or worried that they can’t afford one. But these potential consumers are also opportunities. At Benepath, our goal is to connect them with you to increase your volume, success rate, and revenue for an overall more productive operation. Whether it be health insurance leads, Medicare leads, commercial insurance leads, group health leads or life insurance leads, we are here to support you with top quality leads, as well as tactful marketing tips to help you close as many sales as possible. Since we generate in-house, exclusive, and real-time insurance leads, you will have access to the most serious and qualified candidates who want your help getting stellar coverage!

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Why Exclusive Leads?

Eliminate the competition

Unlike other lead generation companies, we only deal with 100% exclusive, real-time leads, meaning we sell all our leads to a single buyer as soon as they show interest. In contrast, many of our competitors only deal with shared leads, where each lead is sold to many agents, meaning a lot more competition for sales. 

Build trust

And it’s not just about eliminating competition. At Benepath, we value the trust and bond built between insurance agents/agencies and individuals in the market for insurance. The real-time exclusive leads we offer allow you to establish personal relationships with these individuals, since they will be working with you and only you. 

Customer satisfaction

Customers who work with us also love our approach to exclusive lead generation. Being in touch with just one agent gives them peace of mind knowing they won’t have to deal with a plethora of pesky calls from unknown numbers. Plus, they’ll benefit from the more personalized approach you’ll be able to give them.

Higher quality leads & higher conversion rates

Another reason to seek out our exclusive leads is that they are simply higher quality leads than shared leads. And have a higher level of intent. This is because our exclusive leads are generated and customized based on the specific characteristics that each agent prefers. Since our leads are filtered thoroughly, the probability of a conversion is much more likely, since you will always know that the candidate is qualified and actually wants to have a conversation with you about their insurance needs. 

Overall, the exclusive, real-time leads that we offer provide many advantages over shared leads. Not only does our approach to generating high-quality leads mean higher conversion rates for you, but it also gives agents more control in how they approach the consumer. Since you’ll be able to tailor the sales process to fit each consumer’s individual needs, you’ll be able to increase your sales and return on investment.


How We Generate Our Leads 

At Benepath, we aim to provide agents with high-intent, high-quality insurance leads. But how do we find the best leads? In order to ensure we’re working with the most qualified and serious consumers, we rely on a number of marketing tactics, including: 

  • Search engine marketing (SEM)
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Display ads
  • Email content
  • Social media presence 

But while we use all of these strategies, our primary method of generation is through search engine marketing using Google and Bing. With search engine marketing, we can target a specific group of potential customers in different states, cities, and counties. As well across age groups and genders. By gathering these specific pieces of information, we can then sift through the candidates. Weaning out the ones that aren’t properly qualified. 

So let’s take a closer look at the way our process works. Someone who is interested in purchasing insurance will be drawn to our landing page after searching on Google or Bing for a phrase relating to insurance, and clicking on either our site or one of our ads. After being taken to our website, if the consumer still wishes to proceed in their search for insurance, one of two things will happen:

  1. The consumer will fill out a quick and simple data form. Providing us with basic information about themselves, their family, or their business, depending on what type of insurance they are in the market for. After completing the form, a “Thank You” page will then appear. Displaying the matched agent’s picture, name, company logo and an “About Me” section. Shortly after, the consumer will be contacted by that agent via email and phone call. 
  2. As a second option, instead of filling out our form, the consumer may decide to simply call our 800 number. In turn, they will be immediately connected with an agent. 

These two methods have proven time and time again to be the most effective in reaching the consumer and eventually closing the sale. Since the consumer connects with you within minutes after viewing our landing page, their intent will be at its highest level. 


Lead Pricing

Our prices for exclusive leads vary based on a number of factors. The first thing that will affect the price is the type of lead you are looking for. At Benepath we offer two different types of leads:

  • Data Leads — These leads are generated by collecting data on potential customers, including information such as name, email address, phone number, and other demographic information. 
  • Phone calls — If the consumer opts out of filling out our form, and instead directly calls our 800 number to receive a quote, we will provide you with the inbound call. 

Once you’ve decided whether you’re in the market for data leads or for calls, the price range will then be dependent on the specific product that you want to sell and the preferred states or counties you want to receive leads from. The products that Benepath provides both data leads and calls for include: individual health, Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage, commercial, group health, and life insurance

Data Lead Pricing

Individual Health Leads – Prices for data leads range from $12 to $21 depending on your preferred order size and territory filtering. The price will vary depending on whether you are willing to accept leads from entire states versus specific counties.

Medicare LeadsOur Medicare data leads are split into two products: Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage. Prices for Medicare Supplement leads generally range from $25 to $40. Medicare Advantage leads are usually priced between $30 and $35 per lead. With both of these products, we offer filtering based on your preferred geographical territory. Pricing can also vary depending on the size of your order. 

Commercial Leads – Our commercial data leads range in price from around $45 to $75 per lead. Like our other leads, the price depends on order size and specified territory. Additionally, with commercial leads, agents can specify what type of policies they prefer. Our commercial policy lead types include worker’s compensation leads, BOP leads, commercial auto leads and property and casualty insurance leads.

Group Health Leads – Group data leads range in price from $90 – $150 per lead. In addition to being able to choose your preferred territory and order size, you can also filter based on company size. We offer 2+ and 5+ employees filters. 

Life Insurance Leads – Life data leads are generally priced between $25 and $40 per lead. Like our other products, agents can filter by preferred territory. With life insurance, we offer two separate products: Life Insurance, which includes term, whole, and burial coverage, and final expense coverage. The price will vary based on which type you choose. 


Individual Health Calls – For these calls, pricing starts at $89.95 and will depend upon the duration (in seconds) when the call begins. For example, calls over 30 seconds will be priced differently from calls over 90 seconds. As always, like with data leads, agents can select specific territories that their leads come from, in addition to specific order size. 

Medicare Supplement & Medicare Advantage Calls- For both of our Medicare products calls start at $59.95 and depend on the minimum desired duration requirements. As always agents can filter by territory. Another factor affecting the prices for calls will include your order size.

Commercial Calls– Commercial call prices will also be determined by the second duration of the call and start at $99.95. As always, you’ll be able to filter by territory and preferred commercial policy type. We also offer discounts for volume orders. 

Group Health Calls– With group health phone calls, agents can filter by territory and by employee size (2+ or 5+). Group health calls start at $119.95. Both the duration of time when the call starts (in seconds) and group size will affect the price. 

Life Insurance Calls- Pricing for life insurance phone calls can vary depending upon your preferred order size, territory, and the product at hand (life or final expense coverage). Additionally, the duration at which the call begins (in seconds) will also affect the price per call. They start at $59.95 

*Note that all prices and package details may be subject to change in the future. 



  • Do you offer shared leads? 

As of now, we only offer exclusive data leads and phone calls. Each lead or call that we generate will go to one agent, and one agent only.

  • How do you ensure the leads are exclusive? 

We ensure the leads are exclusive by using a proprietary system. This system securely assigns each lead we generate to an agent who opts into the territory that consumer is located. Once a lead is exclusively matched, we then send the lead via email or API to you. While we simultaneously show a thank you page to the consumer that is branded for you and your business. Further solidifying that one-to-one connection with you.

  • What filters do you offer? 

We offer filtering based on preferred geographical territory. Additionally, some of our products such as group health and commercial offer additional filters pertaining to those lead/call types. See our pricing section for more details. 

  • Are your calls inbound or warm transfers? 

We offer inbound phone calls. If the consumer calls our 800 number directly to receive a quote, they will go through a short IVR to ensure they are looking for a quote. 

  • Can I receive leads on weekends? 

Yes, we still run campaigns on the weekends. And oftentimes we will see agents have great success on the weekends since consumers have more time to talk. 

  • Can I return leads? 

Yes. You can return leads in the broker portal that every agent gets with a new account. This portal also allows users to set up vacation pauses, view leads, view invoices, update “thank you” pages, and download invoices.

  • Do you post to CRM? 

Yes, send us your API post specs and we can deliver leads through it. 

  • Do you use Trusted Form? 

Yes, we are compliant with TCPA, TrustedForm, and Jornaya 

If you are an insurance agent and want to drive up your productivity, contact rate, and sales closing rate, purchasing real-time, exclusive leads from Benepath is exactly what you need! We offer the most qualified data leads and phone calls for a variety of insurance products. Including individual health, Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage, commercial, group health, and life insurance. For over 15 years, we’ve proven that when working with our high-intent leads, agents make more sales! For more information, give us a call at 888-684-3121 or fill out our form.

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