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Although most people think of health insurance as a necessity, many often don’t even know where to start looking for a policy. They usually end up using search engines to look for policies, but they actually need your assistance in finding the exact right insurance plan for them. At Benepath, it’s our responsibility to connect you with all those people out there looking for help!

Since 2008, we at Benepath have been providing high-intent insurance leads to agents and brokers across the United States. Our experienced team uses a variety of advanced advertising strategies and technology to generate the most reliable leads for our clients. And what separates us from other companies is that all of our leads are 100% real-time and exclusive, so when you purchase leads from Benepath, you can be confident knowing that you will be the only agent working this lead, since we do not sell data over and over again. So, if you are an agent new to the health insurance space, tired of cold calling, or simply want to increase your volume of clients, we are here to help!

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Real Time & Exclusive 

Unlike many other insurance lead generation companies, we vow to deliver exclusive, real-time health insurance leads that are of the highest quality. What do we mean by real-time? Simply put, we deliver our leads to our agents within seconds after generation. Since our leads are in the hands of agents immediately, it means that the consumer’s interest will be at the highest possible levels. Unlike with aged leads, with real-time leads no time will have already passed since the consumer filled out a data form. 

There are many other advantages of working with real-time health insurance data leads. For example: 

  • Real-time leads convert at a much higher rate than aged leads – If you can act on a lead’s interest immediately, they’re more likely to buy. 
  • You’ll be better able to establish a strong relationship with your real-time leads – We’ve found that agents have great success with our leads when they are able to quickly follow up with the consumer and establish a relationship. This agent-consumer connection is much harder to make with an aged lead since their interest in a policy may have dwindled by the time they are spoken to. 
  • Real-time leads provide agents with more certainty, since they have just been vetted for quality – Before you receive a health insurance lead, our generation process has already gathered specific information qualifying the lead as high-intent, and has weeded out ineligible leads, so you won’t be wasting any time.

But our leads aren’t just real-time, they are also exclusive, which is just as important. This means that each of our leads will only ever go to one person, and one person only, so you’re much more likely to convert each lead you get. Why? It’s not just because you’ll have less competition, although that’s a great reason to purchase our exclusive leads! Think about it this way: if you needed an insurance policy, would you be more likely to purchase one when talking to a single agent, or when being hounded by multiple agents simultaneously? The answer is simple… you’d want the single agent! 

This is one of the reasons why exclusive leads are so valuable. You’ll be able to establish a rapport and a sense of trust with each of your leads, so they will not only be more likely to buy from you, but also to return to you for insurance help in the future. 


Semi-Exclusive & Shared

In the highly competitive realm of health insurance, securing high-quality leads is a key factor to success. Agents are constantly on the lookout for potential clients who are actively seeking health insurance coverage. While exclusive leads are often the first choice, semi-exclusive and shared leads are two valuable alternatives that can help insurance agents expand their client base and reach new heights in their business.

Semi-Exclusive Leads:

Semi-exclusive leads offer an enticing middle ground between exclusive and shared leads. With these leads, an agent typically shares potential clients with a limited number of other professionals, in our case, just one other agent. This exclusivity means that agents have a higher chance of connecting with leads who have not yet been bombarded with multiple offers from different providers. Semi-exclusive leads are fresh and, more importantly, interested in purchasing health insurance, making them highly receptive to communication.

Shared Leads:

In instances where we cannot promptly assign an individual health lead to an agent due to limited availability, specific criteria, or other factors, it may become eligible for shared distribution, and exists secondary to our exclusive leads. While exclusive leads provide a first-mover advantage, shared leads are an excellent way to expand your client base and increase your chances of securing new customers.

These leads are typically distributed to up to 5 agents, promoting healthy competition and increasing your chances of conversion. You gain access to a pool of prospects who have expressed genuine interest in health insurance. Making them more likely to engage in meaningful conversations about their coverage needs. These leads are cost-effective and offer a lower financial commitment compared to exclusive leads, making them an attractive option for agents looking to maximize their ROI.


Health Insurance Lead Generation Process

All of our health insurance leads are generated through a multi-step process to insure high intent, quality, and accurate information. The way it works is quite simple. Our marketing team uses precise keywords, ad placement, and demographic targeting to draw consumers to our website. We do this by utilizing a combination of SEO, SEM, display advertisements, social media, and email marketing. 

After the potential customer lands on one of our pages, if they are still interested in getting a health insurance policy, they will enter their ZIP code. Then they receive a short data form in which they will provide some more personal information. Such as their name, contact information, date of birth, state, city, and gender. After the form is complete, the lead will then be immediately connected to our database. Where it will go out for assignment to an agent. We believe that this process is ideal for both the consumer and the agent. As the data form takes only a minute or two to fill out, and agent assignment happens within seconds!


Phone Calls

Though Benepath mainly provides agents with exclusive health insurance leads, we also offer interested consumer phone calls. Sometimes when a person lands on our website, for one reason or another, they’d prefer to call our 800 number instead of filling out a data form. Just like our data leads, we are dedicated to finding a home for these calls too! And don’t worry, we also sell these calls to one agent only, in real-time. 

After receiving a phone call, we put it through a quick interactive voice response (IVR) before sending it along to you. This is part of our vetting process. It ensures us that the caller is truly interested in a health insurance policy and not calling by mistake. And these phone calls tend to be of even higher intent. Since the consumer skipped the lead form and went right for a conversation with an insurance agent. 



When it comes to prices, we have varying rates for our real-time exclusive health insurance data leads and phone calls. Some factors that contribute to our pricing include: 

  • Volume of lead/call order 
  • Type (data lead or phone call) 
  • Number of dependents – Though not all leads are guaranteed to include dependents who also need insurance. We’ve found that 78% of them have at least one and 60% of leads have two or more!
  • Desired geographical locations 
  • Agreed duration (in seconds) at which the call begins. For example, a call starting at the 60 second mark will be priced differently from a call starting at the 90 second mark. 

When speaking with a Benepath representative, be sure to ask them if they can offer you any deals or discounts. Prices refer to the cost of one lead and do not account for large volume orders. Pricing for semi-exclusive and shared leads are based on various factors, so please call for a quote.



  • How do you guarantee that your health insurance leads are exclusive? 

We ensure that our leads are exclusive by using a proprietary system that securely assigns each lead we generate to an agent who opts into the territory where that consumer is located. Once we exclusively match a lead, we then send the lead via email or API to you. While we simultaneously show a personally branded “thank you” page to the consumer, further solidifying that one-to-one connection with you.

  • Are the health insurance calls that you sell inbound calls or warm transfers? 

We provide inbound phone calls. When customers reach our URL they will have the option to get a quote by calling an 800 number. They can also get a quote by completing a data form. Then we will put them through a brief IVR. This ensures that they are seeking a health insurance quote and not customer service or a card replacement.

  • Why trust Benepath for health insurance leads?

In addition to guaranteeing real-time, exclusive leads, Benepath has the experience and offers the guidance that other lead generation companies don’t. For a decade and a half, we’ve offered the most up-to-date and high-intent leads available. Additionally, we offer top-notch customer support. Providing answers to your questions, agent marketing tips, and professional guidance to help you make the most of your leads!

  • Do you have recommended best practices for agents? 

Yes. We can send you detailed documents containing the practices that agents see the most success from.

  • Do you offer health insurance leads on the weekend? 

Absolutely. We still run campaigns on the weekends. And we frequently witness agents succeeding with these leads since customers have more time to talk. 


Are you a health insurance agent or broker looking for ways to improve productivity, as well as boost your contact and closure rates? Then look no further! Benepath offers high-quality data leads and phone calls for individual and family health insurance. We generate our unique, real-time leads to help connect you to the right customer at the perfect time. By working with us, you’ll gain access to the most accurate information about the most qualified leads. Giving you the best chance possible to close more sales. 

With over 15 years of experience, we’ve shown time and time again that our health insurance leads can help agents like you achieve greater success. Our track record speaks for itself. And we’re confident that we can help you take your business to the next level. So don’t wait! Contact us today at 888-684-3121 or fill out our form to learn more. We look forward to hearing from you!