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We are diligent in our desire to generate the best leads, products and services and offer them at fair prices. We also believe in researching and/or road testing the best technology, information and resources to pass on to you. We cannot have a successful business without our clients so under no circumstances will we compromise our reputation and breach the respect that we will earn from you. Benepath doesn’t just offer leads to agents and then let them hit or miss on their own. Agents who use Benepath will have better tools, more guidance, unsurpassed sales training and techniques from the most successful agents and trainers in the industry, and the best leads available, period!

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Clelland Green

Clelland Green

Jim Pennewill Director of Marketing
Vice President

Jim Pennewill

VP of Sales

Mike Pennewill

Jennifer Getz Director of Operations
Manager of Operations and Customer Relations

Jennifer Getz

Large Account Manager

Lauren Donovan

Business Development

Kevin Hilaman

Business Development

Melissa Eglington

Ken Rosenblatt Sales Executive
Account Executive

Ken Rosenblatt

Account Executive

Dave Morris

Account Executive

Marc Iwanowicz

Account Executive

Sylvia Ruiz

Account Executive

Justin Bartolomeo

Affiliate Manager

Ashley Geraci

Marketing and Operations Analyst

Chas Vitabile

Head of Social Media & Content

Cassandra Love

Sam Tattum Digital Marketing Specialist
Search Marketing Specialist

Sam Tattum

Digital Marketing Specialist

Sydney Berry

Digital Marketing Specialist

Taylor Mazeski

Marketing Coordinator

Kyle Mehlman

Customer Service

Terri Marsh

Jeanette McNamee Customer Service Representative
Customer Service

Jeanette McNamee

Customer Service

Jim Pennewill, Sr.

Customer Service

Cara Dobbins

Demi Brooks Accountant

Demi Brooks

Executive Assistant

Cheryl Funk

Human Resources

Tiffany Green

IT Director

Kiran Mody

IT Manager

Nikhil Narayanan

Software Engineer

Rajesh T R

QA Analyst

Vishnu Balakrishnan


Rijas T A

Jr. IT Administrator

Unnati Singla


Joanna Bowling


Lori Hong


Minerva Landon


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If you are interested in joining our team, feel free to send your resume to jobs@benepath.com and include your preferred job title in the subject line.

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