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Who Are We?

Benepath is an insurance lead generation and digital marketing company. Initially founded as an insurance agency in 2008, we decided to take our knowledge of the industry and focus it on lead generation and strategic marketing in order to support agents. Throughout the years, we’ve been able to establish ourselves as a trusted partner in the industry, helping thousands of agents all over the United States with our variety of proven marketing techniques and customizable lead packages that will fit anyone’s needs.

Our main goal is to help insurance agents and brokers increase their sales by connecting them with qualified and always exclusive insurance leads. We are dedicated to supplying only exclusive leads, because we believe that this gives agents the best chance to find success and growth in the field. Most other lead generation companies only care about pumping out leads and taking your money. With us, that’s simply not the case. Quality and intent are just as important to us as it is to you. For us, this commitment allows us to maintain a reputation as a leading company in the field. For you, it will mean less competing and more selling! Whether you are an independent agent, or you work for a large agency, Benepath is dedicated to helping you succeed with our effective, multi-tiered lead generation process.

But we’re not only here to provide leads, we’re also here to share our expertise with you. We understand that the insurance industry is constantly changing, and it can be difficult to keep up with the latest trends. So to help you keep on top of things, we have a team of marketing experts who can help you employ the latest advertising strategies to raise your contact rate and sales. 

With all of this, we can help you increase your online presence and find more qualified customers. That means Benepath could be just what you need to get the boost you’ve been looking for!


What Do We Do?

At Benepath we specialize in providing insurance agents and brokers across the country with lead generation and digital marketing services. By using effective advertising strategies and lead generation techniques, we are able to help our clients increase their productivity and sales. 


Lead Generation 

Our lead generation process serves agents of any experience level, providing them with a steady stream of highly qualified, exclusive leads. We deliver all of our leads in real time, allowing our agents to focus on what they do best — making sales! We realize that all agents have different needs, and that is why we offer an extensive line of different insurance lead products. These include: individual health, group health, commercial, and aged data leads. 

We generate our exclusive insurance leads using a variety of advanced marketing strategies,  including search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, display advertising, and email campaigns, but the majority of our leads are generated through search engine marketing (SEM) using sites like Google and Bing. We find that relying heavily on SEM generates the highest quality leads, giving agents the best opportunity to make sales. 

So how does it all work? The actual lead generation journey always starts with our advertising team. Our experts start by creating ads based around specific areas and demographics, making sure to target only the most interested and qualified consumers. After our ads are placed, consumers will interact with them and eventually land on one of our Owned and Operated websites. From there, if they are still interested in getting an insurance quote they will be prompted to fill out a quick data form. If the consumer qualifies, they will be matched with an agent who can then follow up with them immediately. To ensure exclusivity, we provide consumers with a “Thank You” page which shows their agent’s name, company, and an “About Me” section. We will never deliver a lead to multiple agents.  

And how does it work on your end? You can customize the leads you receive to ensure that they fit your needs. After deciding on one of our products, you will be able to filter your leads by quantity and by geographical filter. This will give you the ability to focus only on the areas that work for you. We also offer additional filters for specific products such as group health and business insurance. 

In addition to generating leads, we also sell high-intent inbound phone calls that are delivered straight to you. These phone calls are produced in-house, and are generated using call extensions in our advertisements, and by providing our 800 number on our websites. The process is quite simple. After a consumer calls our number, we will put them through a brief interactive voice response (IVR) to ensure that they are legitimately interested in an insurance quote. After that, the call will be transferred to an agent. Just like our leads, all of our inbound phone calls are also 100% real-time and exclusive. 


Digital Marketing

But as we pointed out above, we don’t simply generate leads – we go above and beyond. We work closely with every one of our clients, giving them tips and strategies that they can use to be more successful. When you decide to purchase a lead from us, you will receive documents with all of our best practices to increase your sales conversion rate. This will include specific pointers, such as how often and and how many times you should follow up with a lead. We have found that agents who regularly follow these practices have the most success with their prospects. We will also provide you with branding techniques and opportunities. One of these opportunities is the agent-branded “Thank You” page that we provide each of our clients with.


Why Work With Us? 

At Benepath, what separates us from other lead generation companies is our commitment to quality, exclusivity, and customer support. With us, you’ll never have to worry about competing for leads since all of ours are exclusive, never shared, and delivered in real-time. This means when you purchase a lead, you’ll be the only one working it. 

Additionally, generating our leads in-house ensures our buyers that the quality and intent is always top notch. Though our commitment to exclusivity and in-house generation means more work for us, it pays off in the long run, allowing us to maintain a great reputation while giving our clients the best opportunities available. 

And, since we always have representatives to provide support and tips, agents will never feel ignored or left in the dust. We don’t just want to sell you leads, we want you to succeed, and that’s why our commitment to agent branding is just as important as our lead generation. 


Where Are We Located? 

Our company office is located at 4663 West Chester Pike, in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania, around 13 miles west of downtown Philadelphia, or about 45 minutes by car depending on traffic. 


How To Get In Touch

If you’d like to get in touch with us, we offer a contact form that can be filled out on our website, Benepath.net. Feel free to send us a message with any inquiries or information requests. Alternatively, you can contact us directly via phone or email. Our phone number is 866-368-0377 and our email address is info@benepath.net. We are also present on social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter (@BenepathLead), so be sure to give us a follow! Lastly, if you’d like to visit us at our physical location, just contact us and we’ll be happy to make arrangements.