Group Health Leads

Work Group Leads More Efficiently

Connecting you with companies looking for a group health plan is something we have excelled in for the past 10 years.

We get more than just a name and a phone number. We capture all standard lead information up front and even collect extra data points like census data and current insurance status! These extra details ensure the highest production and growth for your Group Health business.

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100% of Leads are Generated by Search and Email Campaigns

100% give their current plan, desired plan, and interest in ancillary plans

Over 43% of Prospects Provide Their Census

Average Group Size is 4 Employees

We Use Your Data to Drive Results

Your feedback is used to make continual improvements to our campaigns in order to maximize your sales. We get more from the sources where you have the most success!

Always Exclusive - Guaranteed

Rest assured knowing that each lead you receive has only been assigned to you and no other agent. No nonsense, no catch!

Group Health Lead Preview

Group Health Lead Preview

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