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Keeping the Lines of Communication Open With Your Customers

As an insurance agent, you need to know that communicating with your clients is vital to the success of your business. You have to communicate their options to them, explain their coverage, answer any questions they have, and check up on them from time to time to make sure they’re happy, or see if they need a new policy. But when it comes to maintaining ongoing communication with customers, many agents fall a little short: they begin to think that because they’ve already landed a customer, all they have to do is fire off an email now and then to check on them and that’s it. 

So it’s no wonder that 60% of customers don’t believe they get any additional value from agents after they’ve purchased a plan, or that a whopping 86% think that communication with their agent is lacking! Don’t fall victim to one of these statistics: there are simple ways to keep communication going with your customers, so they feel that they’ve made the right choice to work with you.

Educate Your Customers book open with the pages creating a heart

It’s always important to remind your customers just how important their insurance coverage is. Offer them the benefit of your knowledge of the industry, and at the same time, you’ll give them a feeling of security that you know your stuff. Just remember to avoid jargon and technical terms, which can be off-putting to many people; you’re better off explaining concepts with terms everyone will understand. 

If your customers feel secure with you as their agent, they’re more likely to become loyal customers, and nothing is better than a loyal customer. A loyal customer delivers more than 250% more referrals than your average less-than-satisfied customer; not only that, but a loyal customer renews at a rate of 97%, and buys 25% more insurance.

Be Consistent

As we stated earlier, many insurance customers feel like they aren’t getting any additional value after they’ve purchased an insurance plan, and more than 44% of customers say they haven’t received communication from their agent within the last 18 months. Leaving your customers hanging like this can spell disaster for your business! The best way to retain and grow your customer base is by being consistent with your communications. Don’t rely on simply remembering to check up on your customers, though: set reminders in your calendar on your computer or phone, so you’re sure to contact your customers every month or two. illustration of communication methods

You can also streamline communication, such as email, phone calls, and direct mailing by adopting a client portal that centralizes your client communication in one place. You can ask which form of communication each of your customers prefers, and make sure to contact them through that specific channel. Communicating with your customers in the way they prefer will make them feel like they have an easy way to communicate with you, and will also make them more comfortable and satisfied with you. 

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