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What is Benepath? 

Originally founded as an insurance agency in 2008, Benepath now specializes in insurance leads generation and marketing. Our mission is to connect insurance agents who are in need of a boost in sales with consumers who are actively seeking an insurance quote and/or policy. 

We are known for providing exclusive leads that are delivered in real time. We also assist agents by providing them with marketing tips and training to ensure that they get the most for their dollar. 

For more information about the Benepath team, click here.


Where is Benepath located? 

Benepath’s headquarters is located in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania. 


How can I get in touch with Benepath? 

If you are an agent who is looking to get started with purchasing leads, or just want some more information about our services, you can fill out the form on our site, you can email us at contact@benepath.net, or call to talk to one of our expert representatives at 888-684-3121


Are your leads exclusive or shared? 

We now offer shared health insurance leads in addition to our exclusive data leads and phone calls for our health, group health, and commercial products. Our shared leads are a powerful tool for reaching new customers and growing your business at half the cost. They are shared with up to 5 agents and an average of 3, fostering competition and boosting conversion chances.

However, our primary focus remains on providing exclusive data leads and calls. We take pride in establishing a direct one-to-one connection between consumers and agents, meaning once a lead is generated, it will only be made available to a single agent to ensure exclusivity and personalized attention. This practice is what separates us from so many other companies in the insurance lead generation space.


How do you generate your leads

To generate our exclusive real-time leads, we rely on our in-house marketing team. They use a combination of search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO), display advertisements, email campaigns, direct mail, and social media. Though we use all of these methods, we rely primarily on search engine marketing, utilizing Google and Bing. With Benepath, there’s no need to worry, since the leads come from our owned and operated pages, and are thoroughly vetted. 


How do you ensure that your leads are exclusive

We ensure our leads are exclusive by using a proprietary system that securely assigns each lead we generate to an agent who opts into the territory where that consumer is located. Once a lead is exclusively matched, we then send the lead via email or API to you while we simultaneously show a personally branded “thank you” page to the consumer if it is available, further solidifying that one-to-one connection with you.


What type of leads do you have? 

Benepath offers real-time exclusive leads, inbound calls, and aged data leads in the following verticals: Health under 65, Group health and Commercials insurance products (BOP, workers compensation, P&C, commercial auto). We offer semi-exclusive/shared individual health leads as well. Call us to get more information on these offerings.


Do I have to sign a contract or commit to a certain amount of time when I work with Benepath? 

For most accounts, agents will have to agree to an initial 4 weeks of leads. After that, we simply ask for 7 days notice if you wish to cancel our services. 


What types of business insurance leads do you offer? 

For our commercial insurance leads, we offer leads in the following categories: workers’ compensation, business owners policies (BOP), commercial auto, and property and casualty insurance options. 


What filters do you offer? 

In general, with our exclusive leads and calls we offer filters for specific geographical locations such as states, counties, and ZIP codes. Certain lead products offer additional filters as well. 

**See the following questions for filtering information pertaining to specific products. 


What filters are offered for your business insurance leads? 

With Benepath’s business insurance leads, agents will be able to customize their leads with filters including location, business size, and coverage type.


Which filters will most affect the cost of my leads? 

In general, the geographical location that you prefer will be the biggest factor in terms of cost. For example, if you choose to restrict your area to certain counties as opposed to an entire state, there will be an additional fee. Some products will have other factors that can affect cost too, so be sure to ask your Benepath representative about specific details. 


Are your calls inbound or warm transfers

We offer inbound phone calls. Interested consumers will find our Owned and Operated page and will have the choice to fill out a data form or call our 800 number directly to receive a quote. If they decide to call, we will put them through a short interactive voice response (IVR) to ensure that they are actually looking for an insurance quote. The IVR simply vets the call for intent, as sometimes people call looking for customer service for their current carrier.


Do you offer volume discounts for leads or calls? 

Yes. We can offer our overflow leads to agencies with a large geographical footprint, large volume orders, or extended day parting hours. 


Can I receive leads on the weekends? 

Yes, we still run many campaigns on the weekends. In fact, we often see agents have great success during these days due to consumers having more time to talk about quotes and coverage options. 


What information do you capture on a lead? 

Each lead that Benepath sells will include the consumer’s first and last name, their phone number, email address, physical address (City, State, and ZIP), their requested date to get coverage, and their current insurance status. Each lead type will also include the following details, relevant to each product:

  • Individual Health – Number of family members, gender, date of birth, height, weight, tobacco use, student status, and pre-existing health conditions 
  • Group Health – Name of the business, census file, and number of employees 
  • Business – Name of business, industry type, number of employees, desired plan type, and payroll amount 


Can I return leads

Yes, you can return leads. Any lead that has a disconnected number or is a fake submission will be credited. The process for returning leads is easy, and can be done in your broker portal. Which you will get when you create an account with us. Within this portal, you can also put your account on pause, view your leads, view your invoices, update your “Thank You” page, and download invoices.


When do I pay for my leads or calls? 

Agents who buy from Benepath will be placed on a weekly billing cycle. Charges are processed on Sundays for the amount delivered the prior Sunday through Saturday. When you create your account with us, we will take an initial refundable deposit that is equivalent to one week’s worth of leads.


Do you have best practice routines that you share with agents? 

Yes, and we can send this document over to you when you create an account with us. We’ll give you guidance and tips to ensure as much success as possible with your leads. For example, a general trend we’ve noticed is that agents who engage in regular follow-ups with clients see the best return on their investment. In fact, some agents close lead sales in as many as three, four, and five plus weeks after receiving a lead. 


On average, what is the closing percentage on your leads? 

Sales closing percentages vary from agent to agent. In general, we see that agents who do longer and more thorough follow-ups with calls, voicemails, texts, and email have better success and a higher close rate. Additionally, agents who pay out-of-pocket for their leads versus call centers or uplines paying for them tend to do better because they have more “skin in the game.” 


Do you have the capability to post leads to Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM)?

Yes, we do have the ability to deliver them through the CRM of your choice. To do so, we will require you to provide us with your Application Programming Interface (API) post details. If you provide us with your API, we can make sure that transfer of data is secure and protected.


Do you utilize TrustedForm in your lead generation process? 

Yes. Benepath is committed to providing the most high-quality, exclusive leads while complying with all industry regulations. Our lead generation process employs TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) compliance. We also use TrustedForm in addition to working with Jornaya to verify the legitimacy of our leads. 

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