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Benepath has been in the lead generation business for a long time. We have always strived to deliver the most high quality and high-intent insurance leads. That is why we guarantee that the leads you buy from us will be exclusive and real-time. But with that being said, we also understand that some agents might want more options when it comes to buying leads – and that’s why we also offer aged leads. Whether you are a long-time agent working for an established company, or you’re just starting out, purchasing aged leads may be just what you need to increase your sales. So, read on to find out more about this opportunity.

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What Are Aged Leads?

While, yes, we pride ourselves on our real-time leads, we do also offer aged leads. Which are technically defined as any lead that is older than “real-time.” Generally though, at Benepath our aged leads are as new as 1 day old. 

Why are our aged leads so fresh? Well, the way our standard lead generation process works is: after we collect a data lead, we will match the lead up with an agent. Who will then work with the consumer to get them an insurance policy. Ideally, we always want to have agents lined up to work these leads. But naturally there are sometimes leads remaining with no place to go. Even though these leads can’t be considered real-time any longer. They are still highly qualified since the consumer has previously expressed interest in an insurance policy. 

And why choose to take on these leads? Well, there are many advantages to working with our aged insurance leads, including:


The number one selling point of working with these leads is the cost-effectiveness. Aged leads are less expensive than real time leads since they have been sitting in our system for longer than our real-time leads. That means aged leads are an attractive option if you are on a limited budget, since they can be purchased for a fraction of the cost of real-time leads. And because aged leads cost less, you will be able to purchase leads in much higher volumes than you normally would. 


You might also want to buy bundles of aged leads because they allow for more flexibility in your schedule and your budget. For one thing, you’ll have more flexibility when it comes to the timeframe in which you contact them, since time has already passed since they expressed interest. Additionally, since aged leads are less expensive, you’ll have more flexibility with what you can then use the rest of your budget for. 

High Intent 

While we love our ready-to-buy real-time leads, that doesn’t mean that these leads are lacking in intent. In fact, we have found that some consumers are actually more interested in getting a policy after some time has passed, because they’ve had more time to consider their coverage options and personal needs. Benepath works with many agents who regularly have great success with our aged data leads, and for pennies on the dollar, the risk is little to none!


How Do We Generate Our Aged Leads?

Our aged leads go through the same thorough generation process that we use to gather all of our data leads. It all starts with our advertising team. We strive to always stay ahead of the curve, implementing the most effective and up-to-date marketing strategies to obtain our leads. Specifically, we use a combination of social media, display ads, email content and SEO, though the large majority of leads come from search engine marketing (SEM) through Google and Bing. By relying heavily on in-house SEM we’ve been able to continuously produce the most qualified leads for our clients.

We use SEM to target a broad range of potential customers, many of whom will click on our ads and arrive at one of our domains. From there, they will enter their ZIP code and fill out a short data form with other demographic information. After that, a “Thank You” page will appear with the information of the agent that they will be paired with. Lastly, the agent will reach out to the consumer via email and phone. This would be classified as a real-time exclusive lead. 

Aged leads are generated in exactly the same way, the only difference is that after the lead form is completed, there is no agent available at that moment for real-time assignment. So instead of immediately going into the hands of an agent, the unassigned lead will go into our system until it gets sold later for a lower price.


How Old Are Our Aged Leads? 

After a data form is submitted and a lead goes unassigned, it is defined as “aged.” Most aged leads that we sell are at least 1 day old. In fact, the majority of our aged leads have been in our system for between 1 and 90 days. Since this is the time frame during which they are still eligible to be called. With that being said, we store the lead data for up to 10 years, and we are often able to sell leads that are much older than 90 days for a discounted price. So feel free to discuss this with your Benepath representative. 


Aged Products

We offer aged data leads for a variety of insurance products, including:



Since aged leads are sold at a discount based on a variety of factors, specific pricing can vary quite a bit. These factors include: 

  • Order size
  • Actual age of the leads
  • The insurance product you wish to sell 
  • Preferred geographical location

For more exact pricing details, please speak to a Benepath representative and be sure to ask what deals we are currently offering. 



  • How do you generate these aged leads? 

Our aged leads are generated through the same seamless process that we use for all of our exclusive leads. We use marketing tactics such as SEM, SEO, email marketing, display ads and social media to drive consumers to our site. After filling out a short data form, the lead information will be sent to an agent. If there is no agent to assign the lead to, it will be placed in our database to await later assignment as an aged lead. 

  • How old are your aged leads? 

We sell aged leads that are a variety of ages, depending on what the specific agent is interested in. Most agents prefer to stay within the 1 to 90 day period, but we have data going back as far as 10 years. 

  • Can I receive discounts on bulk aged-lead orders? 

Yes. In general we provide discounts for high-volume aged-lead orders, so be sure to mention this to a Benepath representative when reaching out. 

  • How well do your aged leads convert? 

The close rate for aged leads is around 2%. As cheaper alternatives to real time leads, they are a good way to fill up your dialer. Or as opportunities for new agents who are just starting out. 

  • How many times are your aged leads sold to other agents? 

On average aged leads are sold around 3 to 4 times. With that said, these leads are fresher than those of many of our competitors’ aged leads. Since we are not buying and reselling them. 

  • Do you post to CRM? 

Yes. If you send us your API post specs, we can deliver leads to you through there. 


For over 15 years, Benepath has delivered high-quality, high-intent insurance leads to agents and agencies all across the United States. And we want to work with you, too! Although we specialize in providing real-time exclusive insurance leads. We also sell aged leads to help boost your clientele for a fraction of the cost. Whether you’re new to the insurance game, or a well-established agent. Aged leads can help you increase your contact-rate, sales, and ROI. 

Don’t miss out on potential opportunities just because these leads aren’t brand new. Many agents that we sell to see great success regularly working leads that are 30, 60 and even 90 plus days old! Though these leads have been in the market for some time, they are a great opportunity to expand your client base without breaking the bank. 

We offer data leads for a variety of insurance products. Including individual health, commercial, and group health insurance. For more information, please fill out our form or give us a call at 888-684-3121.