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At Benepath, we offer a variety of our insurance lead products, which are all priced affordably and competitively so that agents can get the most for their dollar. While arguably the best things about our leads are that they are both real-time and exclusive, this wide variety of products is yet another attractive feature of working with us. We offer insurance leads and calls for individual health, group health, and business insurance. So, because we offer so many different options for our agents, pricing for our data leads and phone calls can vary quite a bit. In general though, factors contributing to our prices include: product type, quantity of leads/calls purchased, desired geographical locations, and other preferred filters (additional filters may only apply to certain product types). In addition, we will often offer discounts for specific territories, large volume orders, extended day parting hours, and more. So, be sure to ask your Benepath sales representative what deals we currently have available.

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Data Lead Pricing

Individual Health 

We price our real-time exclusive individual health insurance leads in different ways, depending on a variety of factors. One of the main factors that plays a role in determining the price of these leads is your desired volume. We will offer you a deal if you are willing to purchase a larger amount of leads. 

Your preferred geographical region or territory will factor into your pricing, as well. More specifically, we will often offer discounts on leads for specific states. We can also reduce our prices if you are willing to purchase leads that come from a larger geographical area. For example, if you choose to purchase leads from a whole state rather than from just specific counties. 

Pricing for shared leads is based on various factors, so please call for a quote.

Group Health

Our exclusive group health data leads are priced affordably to fit the budget and needs of any agent. As with our other health products, with group health, agents have the ability to filter based on preferred geographical location (states and counties) and order size, both of which will affect pricing. 

But with group leads, you will also have two business size options you can filter your leads by. These filters include businesses with 2 or more employees and businesses with 5 or more employees. 


Like with our other leads, our real-time exclusive business insurance leads range in price depending on your preferred territory. But our business leads are unique because we also offer lead options based on the business policy lead types that you’d like to work with. The policies we generate leads for include business owners policies, workers’ compensation, property and casualty coverage, and commercial auto. Offering filtering based on specific coverage types provides agents like you with more flexibility. Keep in mind that these filters will all affect the price of your leads.  

**Note that all data lead prices are subject to change.


Phone Call Pricing 

Individual Health 

We offer individual health insurance inbound phone calls that are generated in-house, and are fed straight to the agents who purchase them. As with our data leads, with individual health phone calls, we also offer customizable filters to fit your needs and financial situation. These parameters include your geographical preference, and your call order size. And just like with our data leads, when limiting your calls to specific counties versus whole states, you may pay more per call. But we often offer discounts on calls from certain states, so make sure to ask about our current offers! 

Another factor that drives the price of our calls is the duration (in seconds) at which the call starts. For example, if you pay $100 for calls over 30 seconds, you won’t pay for anything that lasts less than that amount of time. On the other hand, calls over 60 seconds may be priced higher. 

Group Health 

Like all of our inbound phone calls, our group health insurance calls are 100% exclusive, and you can select individualized filters to help you meet your needs and budget. These filters include specific territories (states and counties), order size, and business size (2 or more employees or 5 or more employees). Also as with all of our real-time phone calls, pricing will vary depending on the duration in seconds at which the call begins. 


Like our commercial data leads, our inbound phone calls for business insurance come with a range of pricing options. Your price for these phone calls will be mainly dependent upon your requested filtering parameters. These filters include order size, geographical location, and your desired lead type. We offer leads looking for business owners policies, workers’ compensation, property and casualty coverage, and commercial auto. The duration in seconds at which the call starts will also affect business insurance call pricing. 

If you have more questions pertaining to specific business insurance lead options, volume discounts, duration specifications, or anything else, talk to a Benepath sales representative. 


Please note that we no longer sell Medicare, Final Expense, and Life Insurance Leads.



  • Do you offer discounts, and if so what are they based on? 

Yes, we do offer discounts. We offer them on overflow leads to agencies with large geographical footprints, high volume orders, and extended dayparting hours. Be sure to ask your Benepath sales representative about any current deals, since we sometimes offer discounts for specific territories, too. 

  • Which filter has the most impact on the cost of leads? 

The territories that you request will be the main factor driving the price of your leads. For example, if you select a territory that is restricted to individual counties as opposed to an entire state, you will pay more for your leads. 

  • Can I return leads? 

Yes. After starting up with Benepath, you will be given access to a broker portal where you’ll be able to manually return leads. Some reasons that a lead may be returned include disconnected phone numbers or fake submissions. 

  • What determines the price of your inbound calls? 

Though calls include filtering options, the main variable determining the price will be the duration (in seconds) when the call begins. 

  • How can I receive more information about Benepath’s lead and call pricing? 

For more specific questions about filters, volume, discounts, call durations, or anything else relating to pricing, give us a call at 888-684-3121 or fill out our form.