How the Leads are Generated?

More and more consumers are online for information. Shopping for life insurance is no different.

Simply put, we advertise on Google, Bing and other search networks to find prospects actively searching for life insurance. No gimmicks, no incentives.

And since we only do exclusive leads, we brand each of our clients to each of their prospects. Once a prospect submits their information, they will see Your Picture, Your Logo, Your Bio and Your Quotes. Seeing all that information not only warms them up for your call, but makes it less likely they will visit another website.

This formula leads to high contact rates and then the ball is in your court to make the sale. But the process doesn’t stop there. We utilize your feedback to make changes to our campaigns. If there is a source or keyword that doesn’t perform well for you, we can remove it from our campaign. Or if there is a source or keyword where you have a lot of success, we will increase our bids to get you more volume from that source/keyword.

We Team With You to Deliver Engaged Life Insurance Prospects:

  • Work Smarter, Not Harder
  • Customized Thank You Pages
  • We Can Display Your Quotes Instantly to Every Prospect
  • Talk to Prospects Who Expect Your Call
  • Get Your Leads via Email, Text, and Posted into your CRM in Real Time
  • Organize Your Account in our Easy-to-Navigate Broker Portal

Exclusive Life Insurance Leads

“I started purchasing leads from your company earlier this year. I’ve found your leads and company to be one of the best in the industry and I’ve referred you to several others.”

Kirby Thomas –

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Benepath brings you:

100% Exclusive Life Insurance Leads Only – That means a one-to-one connection with the consumer and You. We Manage All of Our Own Marketing – Our leads are people actively searching online — No incentivized tactics or gimmicky pop-up ads. Real Time Delivery – Leads sent instantly via email, text or integrated directly into your Sales system. Agent Branding – Your leads will know you before you pick up the phone, they will see your information as soon as they request a quote in our site! Call today to get set-up with exclusive life insurance leads and receive 25 FREE aged life leads!