When Working Medicare Supplement Leads, Be Sure Customers Are Aware of Medicare Scams

Your customers need to know about Medicare supplement lead scams. Ensure they get the best information when a new scam is making the rounds.

“Medicare is complicated enough without seniors having to worry about the latest scam to take their money, and give them nothing in return,” said Clelland Green, RHU, CEO, and President of benepath.net, Pennsylvania. “If it isn’t a lottery scam, or a credit card scam, it can be a scam aimed at seniors who qualify for Medicare. When it comes to illegal schemes to rip others off, knowledge is power. Make sure your customers and potential customers know the latest information.”

Seniors who get a phone call from someone claiming to be from Medicare — beware. The thieves on the other end of the line are trying to steal your identity. This scheme is a variation on credit card frauds, and happens in virtually every state. “Callers say they represent Medicare and try to get a senior’s personal information, often resulting in financial theft on top of identity theft. It does not seem possible that someone would want to rip off seniors, but it is being done, and more often than we may be aware of,” cautioned Green.

To help clients and potential clients, keep on top of the latest fraud information out there. Check the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Centers for Medicaid & Medicare Services to find out how to report Medicare fraud, visit the U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging and read the Elder Fraud and Abuse section, or check out the National Consumer Protection Resource Centre and read about their Senior Medicare Patrols, fraud prevention and health care fraud videos. “Arm you clients with the best information on scams you can find. They will thank you for it,” Green says.

“Conversely, if you know of a scam, report it, Medicare insurance fraud is a serious crime. Help stamp it out when you find it. Many seniors are too embarrassed to report they were scammed, and that means con artists continue to steal money unchecked. It’s your responsibility to take action,” said Green.

To learn more, visit http://demosite.benepath.net

Exclusive Life Insurance Leads

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Life Insurance Leads

There are two kinds of life insurance leads: the cheap ones and the slightly more expensive ones. Agents who are just starting out tend to buy the less expensive ones, largely because they feel they need to save money. The trouble is, you don’t save money by buying the cheap leads. Those are shared with a pool of other agents, and if you don’t snag them right away when they come in, you lose out.

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