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Group insurance leads may not pay off right away

It should come as no surprise to a seasoned insurance agent that group insurance leads do not always pay off, at least not right away. This isn’t at all unusual because when a big-ticket item like group insurance is being contemplated the prospective buyer usually wants to get as much information as they can before they make the final decision to buy.

These days, it’s not unusual to hear about companies dropping group insurance or cutting back on what they offer employees. The still shaky economy is the reason for that. What company in their right mind wants to immediately jump on the bandwagon of offering group insurance to workers if they may have to downsize suddenly or shut their doors.

For agents wanting to pursue group insurance leads, it is best to order the exclusive ones. These days, if you get an exclusive lead from a reputable lead generation company, you know it is a good lead, as they are pre-screened and pre-qualified and have actually asked to have an insurance agent contact them. No sense wasting your valuable time trying to chase down leads on your own, not in this economic maelstrom. If you stick with exclusive leads, they have the potential to pay off later, and that is an encouraging starting point.

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