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Most Lead Companies Don’t Generate Their Own Leads

No, they do not generate their own leads. They buy them and resell them. Just about 90 percent of the lead generation companies online today do not garner their own leads. Do the math. If these companies are buying leads that have already been worked and they resell them to you, then you are likely about the 15th or 30th agent to work the same leads.

And the point in that scenario is: Do not spend money on shared leads. You never recover it, end up irritating customers who figure they are heard from over 50 agents in a day, week or month. You waste your time and increase your stress level. You are in the insurance business because you want to sell insurance and make money. Throwing your marketing dollars to the wind by buying cycled, cycled and recycled leads makes no sense whatsoever.

If you are going to deal with a lead generation company, make certain to check them out before you hop on board and find out those juicy leads they perked you are over 21 days old. Ask colleagues, mentors, call a lead generation company directly and interview them about what they do and their ethics. It is your money. Spend it wisely for the maximum bang for your buck.

At Benepath, we manage 100% of our marketing with most of our leads coming from Google and Bing. What you get is exactly what you would get if you built and managed your own lead generation program – instead of spent your time


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