Dream large and small, but do something every day to make the dream reality

Having dreams about a successful insurance agency is the best way to build for the future. Part of those dreams must include how successful you shall be working and converting leads. Dream large. Dream small. But remember to take action on those dreams, no matter what size they may be.

If a dream feels overwhelming and shuts down your will to move forward because it seems impossible to achieve all at once, then you should break the task down. Do it one small step at a time. When you do one small step at a time, the large dream becomes closer to a reality.

If you sell one policy a day for a week, dream about two policies every day for the next week and figure out what you need to do to achieve that. If you need to change the kind of leads you buy, do it. If you need help calling your leads, get it. If your price needs to be more competitive, lower it. All dreams are achieved by making them happen in smaller steps to reach the pinnacle of success.

How insurance leads expand an agent’s business

When first starting out selling insurance, it’s sometimes hard to know where to start getting leads. They don’t grow on trees and no one wants to hit on all their family members and still get invited to Christmas dinner. The best place to start is to contact a lead generation company that has a good reputation and discuss your needs with them. That is the beginning of the foundation of your business. Why? Because once you have a constant supply of insurance leads, nothing can stop you from making your agency a huge success.

You got into this business because you wanted to help people find the right kind of insurance that is uniquely suited to them and to make money, after all, an insurance agency IS a business. So, by investing in health insurance leads, you have a constant supply of people to sell policies to. Work them the way you were taught in training and go above and beyond the call of duty.

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Health insurance leads work wonders for your business, provided you know your products

There is no sense in buying health insurance leads if you are not going to spend the time to learn about every product you carry. Customers will ask you about the products when you contact them. If you don’t know what you are selling or how it will suit a potential client, don’t kid yourself that they won’t notice you aren’t so sure about what you’re selling. People want to buy from someone who knows what they are doing, knows what they are selling and can answer just about any question thrown at them. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you can most definitely expect to struggle selling health insurance. That’s a no-brainer.

So before you order health insurance leads from a lead generation company, make sure you are a whiz when it comes to knowing about the products you offer. It’s not just selling an insurance policy that makes a business successful. It’s knowing the product and providing the service later. If you can’t do everything a customer needs, your ability to keep them as customers diminishes. Look at it this way: If you were a potential customer and got an insurance agent on the phone that did not know their products very well, would you buy something from them? Likely not. So bone up on your products. Your knowledge sells insurance.

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It is all about YOU and not just the lead

No matter where you find your leads, how many you buy, where they are located and so forth, the lead itself is only a part of the equation. If you do not work the lead, it dies. It’s just that simple. If a lead comes in that happens to be in real-time, then you need to get right on it, within the hour if not sooner. Those are the leads that offer a good return on your invested marketing dollars. You likely do not have to be told how to work leads because you are successful and making money. That being said, never assume you have learned all there is to learn about marketing and working leads online. The industry and the online marketplace changes on a dime, and since that is your source of income, keep up with what is happening.

One of the best ways to get the pulse of what’s happening with your customers is to not only carefully read the incoming leads for clues, but to talk to those leads and find out what their concerns and needs are when it comes to health insurance or any other form of insurance you sell. It goes without saying that everyone needs something different when it comes to insurance.

Listen to your leads’ stories. The stories tell you what people want, need and dream about. Since you sell the protection, knowing the stories is paramount to your success.

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Most Lead Companies Don’t Generate Their Own Leads

No, they do not generate their own leads. They buy them and resell them. Just about 90 percent of the lead generation companies online today do not garner their own leads. Do the math. If these companies are buying leads that have already been worked and they resell them to you, then you are likely about the 15th or 30th agent to work the same leads.

And the point in that scenario is: Do not spend money on shared leads. You never recover it, end up irritating customers who figure they are heard from over 50 agents in a day, week or month. You waste your time and increase your stress level. You are in the insurance business because you want to sell insurance and make money. Throwing your marketing dollars to the wind by buying cycled, cycled and recycled leads makes no sense whatsoever.

If you are going to deal with a lead generation company, make certain to check them out before you hop on board and find out those juicy leads they perked you are over 21 days old. Ask colleagues, mentors, call a lead generation company directly and interview them about what they do and their ethics. It is your money. Spend it wisely for the maximum bang for your buck.

At Benepath, we manage 100% of our marketing with most of our leads coming from Google and Bing. What you get is exactly what you would get if you built and managed your own lead generation program – instead of spent your time


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Insurance Leads are Looking for Something. What is it?

Remember a lead looking for insurance is looking for something in particular. You need to find out what that something is to be of service to them.

Are they looking for financial security for their family if something happens to them? Do they want death benefits? Term insurance? Insurance for their children? Medicare supplements? Enrolment information?

What does that potential conversion need when you speak with them on the phone? Sure, you called them as a lead because they expressed an interest in insurance, but you need to fine-tune the conversation to figure out what type of insurance they need.

Not everyone understands what they do need when it comes to health or other forms of insurance. For instance, a mid-50s couple might want long-term care insurance, but do not want to say so because they are in good health now and think they will be okay. They may want final expense insurance to care for their grandchild or other family member, but are reluctant to talk about their death.

Selling insurance is not a slam dunk by any means. You have to work it and listen and listen some more to what a customer is saying. There are times when they obliquely mention something that if you do not pick up on, you may miss the sale.

An example would be an older couple with several grandkids and they mention in passing that they want to make sure the grandkids have money for their future. This is not just an expression of sentiment, although it may sound like it. It is a wish to be able to provide for them when they are gone. Here is an opportunity to discuss final expense insurance.

Always listen to your customers and potential customers, and listen hard.

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Use insurance leads to maximize your business potential

If you want to get the most out of your insurance business, then make sure to use insurance leads in a way that maximizes your potential. Gone are the days when you sold to your relatives and their relatives, and so on. These days, technology is there to give you a plethora of new, high-quality leads every day – if that is what you want. Just find the right lead generation company, start asking questions, maybe take a trial spin, find out what they do to handle “dud” leads, and go from there. And here’s a hint: if you want to make money, spend money. Ante up for the exclusive insurance leads. They pay off handsomely.

Semi-Exclusive Pennsylvania Health Insurance Leads are Better than Cold Calling

No one wants to cold call these days. It takes too much time for very little return.

If you are running your insurance business with the financial bottom line in mind (and really, who isn’t?), then you want to invest your money in solid health insurance leads. You have choices: regular leads, shared with other agents, or exclusive leads that only you get and semi-exclusive leads, not shared with as many other agents as the regular leads. Which will it be? For the best return on your investment in leads, the exclusive are primo. However, perhaps your budget does not allow for exclusive health insurance leads.

No worries. Choose semi-exclusive Pennsylvania health insurance leads. If you work them diligently, as you would with any good lead, you will make good headway in converting customers. The insurance market, as we all know, is highly competitive. You have to work hard for customers to get and keep them. Keep in mind that customer service is even more valuable these days than ever, and if you have an online presence, another good move, you need to keep it updated to capture customer’s attention.

It used to be that newspaper ads and even telemarketing were good tools to generate health insurance leads. These days, not so much. However, online advertising, ad banners, article marketing and even those annoying pop-up ads will bring in leads. But can you rely on them? Maybe yes. Maybe no. Leads come in different forms and a variety of quality ratings. For instance, if you wind up sharing leads with other agents, because that is what your budget will afford, you will lose sales. However, if you use exclusive or semi exclusive pre-screened and pre-qualified leads, you stand a good chance of making sales on a consistent basis.

Keep on top of the leads that come in, for the very simple reason that when they arrive, they are literally ‘hot off the presses,’ as people who just, in real time, filled out a form asking for information. They are waiting for you to call. If you delay, you may lose a sale because they have changed their minds or they called someone else.

The most important thing in making your insurance business a success is to use innovative systems and tools to make the most of your semi exclusive Pennsylvania health insurance leads. With high quality leads from a respected lead generation company, you are well on your way to abundance.

Clelland Green is with Benepath.net, a leader in providing health insurance leads. Benepath provides agents with exclusive health insurance leads and Medicare leads in just a few mouse clicks. To learn more, visit http://demosite.benepath.net.

Working Medicare Supplement during AEP

Are you taking advantage of the AEP Advertising?

Isn’t now the time during Annual Enrollment Period, when  most medicare agents sell more policies than any other time of year?  Are you taking advantage of the advertising on television, radio and news articles that are driving consumers to the internet to renew their policy?

While it is true that seniors who purchase Medicare Supplement can renew their policy any time of the year, many do not give it a thought until it is thrown in front of them over and over again.  The advertising for AEP is doing just that!  Don’t miss out on this opportunity to increase your sales for Medicare Supplement Policies.  We have special pricing available to statewide buyers.  Call Judy Sotorrio today to find out more!  484-619-2982.

Insurance Leads

Day one at work in your new insurance agency and you are slightly panicked. What if no one comes through the door? What if no one wants to buy what you are selling? Where on earth do you start to sell your product? How well will you do in this line of work? It’s difficult the first couple of years, largely because you still have to work out the bugs, find out what works for you in terms of selling and figure out what the best investment of your money is for leads.

Hands down, if you have a choice, and you likely would, insurance leads that are considered to be exclusive are your best bet. Yes, they do cost more than the shared leads, but here is why: you are the only person who gets those leads. No, seriously. You might be thinking lots of lead generation companies online say their leads are exclusive and aren’t, and you’d be right. Look for a lead generation company you can trust to give you exactly what it says it will. Stick with them, they hold your keys to success.


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