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Insurance Leads are Looking for Something. What is it?

Remember a lead looking for insurance is looking for something in particular. You need to find out what that something is to be of service to them.

Are they looking for financial security for their family if something happens to them? Do they want death benefits? Term insurance? Insurance for their children? Medicare supplements? Enrolment information?

What does that potential conversion need when you speak with them on the phone? Sure, you called them as a lead because they expressed an interest in insurance, but you need to fine-tune the conversation to figure out what type of insurance they need.

Not everyone understands what they do need when it comes to health or other forms of insurance. For instance, a mid-50s couple might want long-term care insurance, but do not want to say so because they are in good health now and think they will be okay. They may want final expense insurance to care for their grandchild or other family member, but are reluctant to talk about their death.

Selling insurance is not a slam dunk by any means. You have to work it and listen and listen some more to what a customer is saying. There are times when they obliquely mention something that if you do not pick up on, you may miss the sale.

An example would be an older couple with several grandkids and they mention in passing that they want to make sure the grandkids have money for their future. This is not just an expression of sentiment, although it may sound like it. It is a wish to be able to provide for them when they are gone. Here is an opportunity to discuss final expense insurance.

Always listen to your customers and potential customers, and listen hard.

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