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It is all about YOU and not just the lead

No matter where you find your leads, how many you buy, where they are located and so forth, the lead itself is only a part of the equation. If you do not work the lead, it dies. It’s just that simple. If a lead comes in that happens to be in real-time, then you need to get right on it, within the hour if not sooner. Those are the leads that offer a good return on your invested marketing dollars. You likely do not have to be told how to work leads because you are successful and making money. That being said, never assume you have learned all there is to learn about marketing and working leads online. The industry and the online marketplace changes on a dime, and since that is your source of income, keep up with what is happening.

One of the best ways to get the pulse of what’s happening with your customers is to not only carefully read the incoming leads for clues, but to talk to those leads and find out what their concerns and needs are when it comes to health insurance or any other form of insurance you sell. It goes without saying that everyone needs something different when it comes to insurance.

Listen to your leads’ stories. The stories tell you what people want, need and dream about. Since you sell the protection, knowing the stories is paramount to your success.

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