Are you committed to the success of your agency?

Are you committed to your development and the development of your business? Do you take action working with leads and making calls daily? Do you make sure to accomplish one goal you set for the day, every day? It may insignificant, but such action steps help in building a successful insurance business.

If you strive to set and meet marketing goals each day, you are bound to see growth in the success of your agency. Begin with setting out an objective plan in which you outline the daily, monthly and yearly goals for yourself and your firm. Tasks such as contacting all your leads every morning will set you up for success.

Does your attitude drive you forward to help others, including co-workers? Do you use your attitude to connect with people to educate them about the benefits of having insurance and letting them know you can help them find what they need?

Remember that your agency is not strictly about sales. The insurance industry is about customer service. Strive to always have the best attitude forward when interacting with potential leads and current customers. Often it is not just the product sold, but the person selling it that determines success. First and foremost, remember you are acting as an educator. A demonstrated passion and knowledge of insurance will be the determining factor in conversions.

Keeping these principles in mind will enable you and your agency to develop, grow and become an established name in the industry.

Three habits of successful insurance agents

Insurance does not sell itself, no matter how good a policy it may be. It is your job to educate and persuade those looking for insurance to buy a policy from you and no one else. To guide you to success in obtaining leads, below are a few of the most important habits to have as an insurance agent.

1. Take action

The best insurance agents learned their trade from someone else. Take action and find a mentor. You could also get involved in trade organization such as the American Insurance Association, which can provide you with helpful information.

2. Be consistent

Being consistent as to when and how you follow up on leads is bound to net you more sales. Do not be discouraged by not closing the deal right away. Discipline in contacting leads and staying in touch over time is likely to prove fruitful.

3. Have discipline

It is best to have a routine to follow when you work. Tackle each step you need to take with due diligence. Staying organized will help you stay on task. Planning ahead ensures that you do not waste time. Setting time for returning calls, emails and meeting with prospects will help your and/or your agency to run smoothly.

Motivation is a key factor in your success

Part of motivation is the strong desire to succeed at what you are doing, and that is selling insurance, no matter what kind of insurance it may be. If you lack motivation, your business cannot grow and you end up being stuck in place treading molasses.

If you want to succeed, and succeed big, desire and motivation are the key elements to make that happen. What do you want in life? Where do you want to be in five years? Ten years? How do you want to grow your business? What areas do you want to expand in? How many staff would you have? These are real life questions for a real life insurance business and if you can answer those questions, then you have the desire and motivation to make your agency a driving force in the market.

Selling insurance is highly competitive. You already know that. Without desire and motivation, your agency may end up being just one of a pack of others. It’s your drive, motivation and creativity that propel you forward to success. Keep moving toward your goals. Let nothing get in the way. Success is going to be yours.

So, what’s the secret to being a good leader?

The secret to being a good leader is that there is no secret. It involves awareness of what is needed to make an insurance agency a success, to motivate staff to be their best, to offer the best in service and products to customers and to be a person of integrity, offering only what you would want for yourself.

It involves learning continually, striving to be better than you ever have been before, making certain you have your finger on the pulse of the insurance industry and are passing that vital information back to staff and customers. It involves leading by example. Doing what is right and best for customers. Being accountable, honest, personable, available and educated in all the nuances of the industry.

Being successful in selling insurance is not just about working with leads. It is about being an all-round great agent or broker able to hold your own in any conversation about insurance and how vital it is in today’s world. It is about converting those who think they do not need insurance. It is about being aware of your own skills in selling, presenting yourself and your agency as a valuable partner to those who are seeking insurance, but do not know what they want. It is about being a good leader who has put time in the trenches learning to be a good leader.

It takes hard work. Are you up to it?


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