As an Agent, How Well Do You Know Your Medicare Supplements When You Call Leads?

Do you intimately know all the ins and outs relating to Medicare supplements? When you call leads do you know the latest information to pass on?

There are 10 Medicare supplement plans and a high-deductible version of Plan F. That’s pretty much a given, and some agents may stop there. But what if the lead you are calling needs a better deal? Do you know that the original Plan F outshines and outperforms all other plans? It is considered by most to be the “be all end all” of Medicare supplement plans and is expensive. In some respects, it is a luxury plan. But is there a less expensive alternative?

Why is the answer to that question so important to know when talking to leads you are working? It is important to know because many of the leads with whom you discuss Medicare supplement plans do not know about Plan G. It is similar to plan F. In fact, it is almost identical. So why is it not presented to potential clients more often? In many cases, agents do not want to sell Plan G because it costs less and they make a smaller commission selling it. Think about that for a minute.

Plan F is costly. An agent makes more commission on it. Plan G is less expensive and agents make less of a commission. This is what is called thinking backwards. Instead, sell more Plan G, have a higher volume of sales and very loyal customers because you took the time to explain to your leads that they don’t have to spend a lot of money to get good coverage. That is what being an insurance agent is all about. Helping people find what they can afford and makes sense for them and their budget, not what makes sense for an agent’s commission check.

It’s a new way to regard product offerings as having the potential to appeal to Medicare supplement leads. With very little work, an agent could sell a large number of Plan G supplements and have a decent commission check at the end of the month. Being an insurance agent is about finding the best policy to suit a customer’s situation and budget. Do that and you are bound to have leads convert to sales.

Medicare supplement leads are the wave of now

Health insurance exchanges have nothing to do with Medicare. If you plan things the right way and make a serendipitous move into selling Medicare supplements, your agency is going to grow rapidly. It is a captive market. There is no other term for it. Older Americans are preparing in advance to obtain Medicare, or need Medicare supplements to close any gaps they may have in coverage. Either way, you are offering them something they need, when they need it.

Once you have a Medicare supplement customer, they will typically stay with you for long periods of time, provided you offer them the best of customer service, answer their questions to the best of your ability, help them with claims and make suggestions that would help them save money. Medicare supplement leads are the road to success for an insurance agency because everyone either needs it soon or they need it now. The ball is in your court to make the most of the market.

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Pennsylvania Medicare supplement leads help fill in the gaps

Want to make your bottom line profitable? Invest in Pennsylvania Medicare supplement leads.

In order to make your insurance business a profitable one, you want to ensure you have enough business coming in on a regular basis. One way to accomplish this is to invest in Pennsylvania Medicare supplement leads. They help take the edge off working in a struggling economy to sell insurance to people who feel they cannot afford it.

Since times are tough, you want a client base that streams in on a regular basis. You can do this by investing in Medicare supplement leads from a reputable lead generation company. Why would you want to spend the money to get those exclusive leads? In the first place, those exclusive leads are only sold to you. And secondly, if you are selling Medicare, you have a captive audience because seniors need Medicare supplements. They have been hit by the poor economy as well, and if you have a package that is reasonably priced, and delivers the care they need, you will have a customer.

Pennsylvania Medicare supplement leads boost your client base, as they come in when you want them to. Schedule them when you have time and watch the sales start to roll in. While it may not happen overnight, because people typically need up to eight weeks to make a purchase decision, the sale will come if they have asked for an agent to call them. They are pre-qualified buyers and are serious. This is a bonus for you.

Part of your job, besides working with Medicare supplement leads, is to educate seniors on how the system works. Many of them find Medicare a horrific pain in the anatomy to try and understand when all they want is insurance coverage that works when they need it. Unfortunately, many seniors are not aware of Medicare supplements and what they can do for them. This is where you come in.

When people opt in to have an insurance agent call them with details about Medicare, you already have your foot in the door. If you know your product, and know what your clients usually look for when it comes to Medicare and Medicare supplements, you have the ball already rolling. Just invest some of your time answering questions for those who welcome your knowledge and expertise when it comes to Medicare supplements.

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Who needs Medicare supplement leads?

If you’re in the business of selling insurance, then you need Medicare supplement leads — particularly if the demographics that you sell to are America’s seniors. Maybe you prefer cold calling, email campaigns or direct mail marketing campaigns, and those methods may provide results. However, these days, leads that arrive in your inbox are usually easier to work.

Granted, some seniors may not have access to a computer, but a vast majority of today’s elders are fairly proficient with technology. Why not take advantage of that and save yourself some money? Did you know that it’s almost four times less expensive to use internet leads than trying for direct mail leads? Think about how that has the potential to directly affect your bottom line.

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Medicare Supplement Leads Vital Foundations to Build Your Agency

If you’re new to the business of selling insurance, or even if you’re an old hand at it, make selling a breeze by using Medicare supplement leads.

Let’s be honest here. You want to grow your business, right? You did not get into selling insurance because you intended on losing money or giving away all your products. So, where do you start to get a good solid foothold in sales; sales that increase the dollar value of your business? Easy, insurance leads, the pre-vetted ones, and in particular Medicare supplement leads, are the best place to start. There is definitely no shortage of Americans who need Medicare, and if you have the drive to succeed at your business, then this is an area you need to take advantage of right now.

You know all about health insurance exchanges. You also know that they do not sell Medicare or Medicare supplements. This means you have a virtually captive audience waiting for your call. Okay, it’s not quite that simple, but pretty darn close. You sign up to get leads from a reputable lead generation company, like You ask for Medicare supplement leads at least once a week to begin with to get your feet wet and get into the rhythm of calling about and selling Medicare and supplements. Once you have the hang of it, you can ask for more to be delivered to your inbox.

Medicare supplement leads, provided you act on them with due diligence, have the capacity to make you a very nice income by the end of the year. What’s more is, the customers you sell to now are likely to stay with your agency come renewal time. Why? Because you provided them with good service, are personable and cheerful, know your products, treat them with respect, find them the best deals possible, handle claims with care and alacrity and overall, represent your company in fine style. You run interference for them with the insurer and in general pave the way for a good health insurance experience. All this, thanks to health insurance leads that you bought from a lead generation company.

While the online world of selling insurance is not what it used to be, it is no less personal. People may not see you or meet with you directly, not like in the old days, but they can and will get to know you through your online presence, via your website, and as a result of you speaking to them on the phone and delivering the service you say you will deliver.

Dive into the dynamic world pursuing health insurance leads sent to you by a lead generation company. Those exclusive ones can make your week so busy, you’ll be glad you spent a bit extra to get them. Just remember that old saying: “You need to spend money to make money.”

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Know What You Want Before You Order Insurance Leads from a Lead Generation Company

To order insurance leads when you have no idea what you want is inviting a marketing disaster. If you go in blind and order whatever sounds good or the deal of the day, you are apt to end up with garbage leads and less money in your marketing budget.

Ordering insurance leads to build your agency is easy. Knowing what to order, how many, where and what kind is trickier. Growing an insurance agency takes hard work and dedication. Why mess up your chances at success by ordering leads blindly?

In reality, you do need leads, but where you choose to get them is entirely up to you. Having said that, consider this one important advantage before you try to chase leads on your own or order shared insurance leads.

The leads you chase have not been pre-screened or pre-qualified, so even if they are friends or family, you do not have any idea if they are going to convert. Friends may. Family may. However, there are no guarantees in life.

The same observation is applicable with shared leads from a lead generation company. A potential customer may convert, but chances are low because you are merely one of about seven, or more, agents calling a lead. Wouldn’t it be easier, less time-consuming and more economical to buy exclusive insurance leads that you know will convert, so long as you work them diligently?

If you spend what it takes to make money and carefully select your criteria for ordering quality, relevant leads, you can have the world by the tail. Filter your leads first on paper. To whom do you want to market? What are you marketing? Are you marketing multiple products or one specific product, like Medicare supplement leads? What demographics do you want to target? Where do you want to market your products? How many leads do you want daily, weekly or monthly?

There are other considerations as well. For example, what happens if you get a dud lead? Does the lead generation company you are working with replace that lead? It is important to know, because you are paying for those leads. But more importantly, be aware that not every agent likes the same method of marketing, the same lead generation company or even using the same kinds of leads that another agent does. Some may like aged leads and find they have great success with them. Others prefer real-time leads and make very good money by working them as they come in.

Each to one’s own, but before you know what is your own, do your homework.

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Some Best Practices for Managing Exclusive Medicare Supplement Leads

Managing exclusive Medicare supplement leads takes time and marketing savvy. Are you up to the challenge?

Running an insurance business is challenging, fun, frustrating and filled with highs and lows, and yet, those who have chosen to sell insurance products chose to help others be protected for those “what if” moments in life. There is no better job than to help someone select a Medicare supplement that works for him or her and provides the coverage they need. No better feeling than to sell someone final life expense insurance and have them say how thankful they are that their family is now protected.

There are times, though, when trying to juggle all the things you need to do to run an agency gets in the way of working leads. What a dilemma — someone walks in the door that may buy a Medicare supplement policy and you have an inbox full of leads. The customer has been there before, several times, and has not yet made up their mind about what they want. You know you have at least four pre-screened and qualified leads sitting in your computer. Now what?

The best way to manage situations like that is to set firm hours for the various tasks you perform to run your agency. A best practice would be to block off an hour or two each morning to just make phone calls to leads and also have office hours when walk-ins are welcome to drop by to chat.

If you are dealing with a reliable and trustworthy lead generation company, such as, you know without even thinking twice that those leads are ready to convert once you work them. That is what you are paying for when you sign up with Setting aside time to make those valuable calls means you have a real sense of accomplishment when you are done and likely several sales as well.

If morning hours do not work for you to call leads and set up appointments, then select an hour in the afternoon that works best. If you are calling potential customers about Medicare supplement leads, you may find late afternoon works best. It’s up to you to adjust your timetable to suit those of your clients. Working pre-screened leads means a higher chance of conversions working those leads and if you are doing it during a designated timeframe, you can accomplish the maximum in a window of time prior to dealing with walk-in customers or other necessary appointments.

While there certainly are some best practices when dealing with quality, exclusive leads from, best practices are more a matter of what is best for you and your agency. Finding what that best practice may be is going to take time, trial and error. However, in the long run when you learn to balance the leads with other everyday tasks, success and financial stability is just around the corner.

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Making Sure Medicare Supplement Leads Are Genuine Before Purchasing

Medicare supplements are a hot commodity in a greying America, but getting in touch with those who actually want them can be trickier than one would imagine.

Medicare supplement leads, whether they are exclusive or not, require some fact checking first. For example, a fair number of lead generation companies suggest they are offering real-time leads, but in reality, they are only selling information garnered from a generic health insurance form. Anyone over 65 that fills out an online form is fair game and considered to be a lead. And while they technically are leads, they may not be leads looking for Medicare supplement quotes.

Many online lead generation companies claim they offer real-time Medicare supplement leads, and some even go as far as to claim they are exclusive leads. How does one sort through all the claims and make a determination about their veracity? And how are the leads generated?

To effectively build a thriving insurance company, working with a lead generation company can help to navigate these questions. Such a company provides leads using a dedicated Medicare supplement insurance form, which specifically asks if the individual is looking for Medicare supplements, if they are looking for Medicare Advantage or Medigap, and if they are already covered by Medicare Parts A & B. Those receiving these leads know right away that these potential customers are quite serious about buying Medicare supplements and calling them is easy with the information provided.

Another important point to consider is how the lead generation company gathers their leads. Interested parties should check to see if the company garners their Medigap, Medicare or Medicare Advantage leads the same way they generate health insurance leads. If they do blanket marketing (search and email marketing) for people wanting “health” insurance, this is an ineffective strategy that will likely generate dud leads. Health insurance is not the same thing as Medicare supplement insurance.

The most desirable tools in an agent’s arsenal are Medicare supplement leads from a lead generation company that uses a dedicated Medicare form. Anything else is a waste of time and money.

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Medicare Supplement Leads Come in Many Forms

Medicare supplement insurance is popular for a variety of reasons, but chiefly because it saves American seniors a decent amount of money every year.
Today, a career in the insurance industry is a wise choice, particularly if you sell Medicare supplements. They are the main staple of many thriving insurance agencies. Those agencies that have built their customer base using Medicare supplement leads know that no matter how many leads they get, they always need more. Agents always want to have other lead generation techniques in their marketing arsenals.
Cold calling may be dead as a trend, but it actually does work for some agents. Those with a knack for engaging people in conversations find it easy to discuss just about anything with their potential customers, including what type of insurance they need to protect their health. Ease with the topic paves the way to a greater rapport between an agent and a lead, and a knowledge of the product allows agents to sell what they know would work for prospects with confidence.
In addition to sourcing pre-screened leads from a reputable lead generation company, other tried, tested and true tactics may include use of free classified ads, message boards, an agent’s website, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and other social media platforms. Agents should make sure to tailor the message to each medium and to write succinctly. It can be a big task, but making a pitch or posting information on Twitter comes easily for those who know their products. If written eloquence poses a challenge, agents can hire the work out.
However, an interested agent should note that some of the Medicare supplement leads found via social media and other methods may not be of the highest quality. Expand beyond one lead generation method. Combine social media and purchased leads for a solid, blended marketing strategy that provides leads on a daily basis.
Those who have an agency or personal agent’s website should make certain it is up-to-date with the latest information and looks fresh, appealing and clean. The site should be easy to load and should contain relevant information for seniors searching for Medicare supplement insurance. With a clean and functional website, a business can grow exponentially. A website gives an agent the opportunity to explain insurance jargon in plain English and to tell people what they need to know to make informed decisions about which Medicare supplements are the best fit.
Agents should treat each potential customer as if he or she were already a customer. A successful agent will go the extra mile to help someone choose the right supplement.

The Most Cost-Effective Marketing Route: Snail Mail Vs Internet Medicare Supplement Leads

Finding Medicare supplement leads can be as time-consuming or as simple as you make it.

For a number of years, direct mail was the go-to method to generate Medicare supplement leads. Cards were mailed out to specific target areas, and interested people replied asking for further information. From there, the agent made appointments and explained the various Medicare supplements available. The cards were and are nicely designed, attractive and well-written works of practical graphic design. They included postage paid for the return. If the cards captured a potential customer’s attention, and he or she asked you to call, half of your work was already done.

Some agents still find that direct mail really works well for them. Every insurance agent, especially newer ones, will not find them effective, but direct mail is still worth considering in combination with internet leads purchased from a lead generation company.

But you may also want to try buying leads from a lead generation company. When you call to order leads, you get an immediate list of pre-screened prospects who have expressed an interest in Medicare supplements. Communication can be instant. No more waiting for people to return cards that they may have lost or forgotten about. The leads you receive though the internet allow you to work in real time, make calls and set up appointments quickly. Exclusive leads are a bit more expensive than shared leads. However, the exclusive leads, which are only sent to you, convert at a higher ratio than working leads shared with several other agents.

Some agents still prefer direct mail because it works for them. However, if you have very little time to pursue this labor-intensive style of marketing, you may find buying leads from a lead generation company to be more lucrative, immediate and trustworthy. Certainly if you are in a hurry to make as many sales as you can, internet leads are a better time investment than mail cards.

Working online is simply the faster, easier way to build your insurance agency. The internet accelerates your ability to respond, make appointments and close sales.

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