Too Big or Too Small? How to Find the Right Lead Company

A great number of lead generation companies on the internet are good at what they do — remarket themselves without a care for their customer’s needs and wants.

Insurance agents know they need to buy quality leads to continue the growth of their business. If a lead is not solid, even if it is worked properly, it may not convert. Conversions are the means of a thriving insurance agency.

The remarketing efforts of the bigger lead generation companies are great for some agents, but not for others. Herein lies the greatest flaw of these kinds of companies — leads sold and resold to numerous agents. This means that even though you may have asked for exclusive leads and were told that that is what you were sent, exclusive to the lead generation company really mean exclusive to a small group of agents. You find this out later when you are calling leads and are told by an aggravated potential customer that they have already spoken other agents.

You just spent marketing dollars and your time on those leads and they turn out to damaged. You cannot recoup your expenses. What next? Search for a lead generation company that sells exclusive leads, stands behind their product, replaces dud leads and works with you to get what you want. Choose a lead generation company that pre-screens leads, pre-qualifies them and sends them to you in real time. In other words, choose a lead generation company just the right size for you that suits your marketing style, understands what you need and provides what you asked for when you called to order.

While a larger lead generation company may be right for you, for others, it may be a smaller one. Things to be wary of when considering a smaller company are checking whether or not their website is legitimate, if they accept credit cards (Warning: if not they may be shady), are the leads scraped off the internet or sourced in another way, do they cater to you needs, do they replace bad leads and is their customer service reliable.

Searching for a good lead generation company is all about getting the right fit for the agent. You ideally want to work with an exclusive lead generation company such as — a specialized agency with the resources of a large agency. You also want the trust and personalization of a smaller company that takes your feedback and uses it to continually improve the quality of their leads. That is what you get with is looking for long-term agent partners. Why not join us today?

New or Experienced Insurance Agents Can Still Learn a New Thing or Two

Never stop learning while you are running a business. This rule of thumb helps agents grow their businesses and stay on track to success.

Whether you have been selling insurance for 15 years or 15 days, learning about your product, how it helps others, how to sell with confidence and work with leads effectively and efficiently is your key goal every day of the year. It does not matter if you think you know it all and have seen just about everything under the sun. There is always a thing or two any agent or broker can learn to better promote a business.

Where to start? That is the million-dollar question and often the best answer is to just begin at the beginning, as cliché as that may sound. In the beginning, you want to make sure potential customers know you are the best insurance company to deal with and the best agent they could possible deal with to buy insurance and deal with claims.

However, do not fall into the trap that many other agencies get stuck in when it comes to promotional hype. It is not enough to simply claim that such an insurance agency is the best, has the best policies, the best agents and the best service. While your company may indeed have good service and reasonably priced insurance policies, so does just about every other insurance agent selling in your territory. So what distinguishes you from the crowd? You. Yes, you personally. This is relationship marketing at its very best. If you have a way about you that people relate to, that is what makes you and your agency stand out from the crowd.

Choose an outstanding and reliable lead generation company that stands behind its leads and screens them for you. You want quality leads to stay ahead of the rest of the pack and you want sales on a regular basis. This is possible when you buy exclusive insurance leads from a company such as They pre-qualify leads in the niches you want and according to the parameters you need to sell various kinds of insurance. Add this high conversion rate from pre-screened exclusive leads to your personal best sales routine and your business is set to grow.

Remember to stay the course and stay focused on your goal. There are hundreds of marketing tools online today that you can chose to use, but just choose the one that fits you the best and stick with it until you know it inside out. Once that is accomplished, move on to the next social media platform and begin your marketing magic once more. Begin your social media journey with the leaders Facebook and Twitter and partner them with videos and article marketing. Again, stay focused. Stay sharp. Stay the course and keep motivated for the long-term. No motivation. No business. It’s just that simple.

And last, but not least, when you get leads coming in work, work, work them and then follow up as well. Leads are your business lifeline. Use them well.

The biggest battle an insurance agents face is against themselves

The toughest battle insurance agents face is fighting with themselves. Seem odd? It’s not really. The hardest things any insurance agent faces, whether new to the business or an old hand at selling insurance, is maintaining the right mindset, having the confidence to keep going, facing fears that crop up over time and holding steady with the firm conviction that you do believe in yourself.

Feeling like the bottom fell out of your business plans? That you are not getting enough conversions? That you have tried just about everything you can think of to boost business? That some days the hurdles to educating people about the value of having insurance are just too difficult to deal with any more?

Virtually every agent has days like that, even the very successful ones. When push comes to shove, start spending more quality time with consistently successful agents. Take a close look to see what they may be doing that is different from how you run your business. Attend training calls, listen to MP3 recordings, read the right kinds of marketing books with self help tips, attend seminars and presentations and get out and see what everyone else is doing.

There are no shortcuts to being successful. It takes time. It takes commitment. It takes the drive and will to succeed every single day of the week all year long. It takes curiosity and the conviction that you can make a difference, want to make a difference and find ways to do just that. You can achieve anything you want to achieve, but you have to stop fighting yourself to get there.

Do you know what the plan for your insurance business is in five to ten years’ time?

Some insurance agents do their jobs day-to-day and just put in time over the years, maybe. Or some even have a hobby that they might turn into a business — you never know. What’s wrong with those two scenarios? If you said lack of focus and commitment, you would be right.

If you don’t go into the insurance business with a serious mindset that you are going to succeed and do it well, then the business is mediocre. It may or may not succeed. It may or may not make you the kind of income you’d like. That is because you do not have a true plan and a fixed goal. What is the goal? The goal is to plan on being in the same business, successfully, in five to ten years.

Is that possible when you first go into business, opening your own agency? Yes, it is. It has never been easier building your own brand thanks to the Internet, social media and the hundreds of tools smart insurance agents can use to market themselves, their products and services. Seek and ye shall find the answers to your marketing questions online, and if you don’t, ask someone in your industry who knows.

It’s true — who you know and what they know can be a huge benefit to you.

If you run an insurance agency, it’s all about leadership

Captain of your own insurance agency? Are you in charge? Really in charge? Or are others just doing what they need to do to make it by every day? Is there a tried and true method in place for other agents to contact and follow up with leads? Does every employee have goals to achieve on a regular basis? Are your agents incentivized to work hard to bring in new conversions regularly? Are staff members properly trained to reach for the stars and not accept anything less?

Those are some tough questions. Do you have the answers? If you don’t, you may need to revisit your business and marketing plans to identify areas that need to be improved. If you do not provide the leadership needed by example, employees are not going to be operating at their maximum efficiency. You count on your staff to get hundreds of little details right to keep your customers happy and ensure they return. Are you making sure your staff is happy? Are you leading by doing? If not, it’s time to breathe new life into your work habits.

Do you have good social media marketing skills?

It’s a fact. Online marketing is here to stay. It’s a trend with no end in sight. It is continually going through various iterations almost daily, meaning you need to have the right set of skills to keep up with the technology and keep on marketing your products and your services. Just remember, marketing, whether it is on social media or on your insurance website, is not just about products and services. It is about you personally.

Don’t know the latest social media platform that half your clients likely hang out on? Learn it. Aren’t sure how to post on the article-writing platform on LinkedIn but have a great article on long-term insurance? Get someone to show you. In other words, there are no excuses for not learning or finding out how a social media platform works and how you may leverage that to your benefit.

It’s your insurance business. It won’t grow unless you do.

Don’t have the time to commit to insurance marketing? You may be in the wrong line of work

When you started your insurance agency, did you have the right business model? Did you have a clear understanding of how your income goals would be met? Did you study your market and understand what the statistics were telling you? Did you figure out the lifetime value of an insurance customer?

These may seem like niggling little details, but they are vitally important to the health and wealth of your insurance agency. If you don’t know your demographics, understand how they think and buy, comprehend what the latest trends are and adapt to meet those changes, your customer base may not only stagnate but also shrink.

Too often agents focus on getting new customers and figure the customers they already have are in the bag and loyal. They are only loyal if they get good customers service and an insurance agent who continually strives to make certain they get the right insurance at a reasonable rate.

Insurance marketing is a huge commitment of time

If you’re going to be in business, you need to be in it all the way, not just part time. To make it huge you need to have the drive and desire to be the very best insurance agent you can be, to sell the best products and offer premium customer service. If you don’t have the desire and drive or if you believe you’re destined to be just a mediocre agent, then that is what will come to pass.

Offering the best and being the best is a huge time commitment. Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and dive right in? Look at your competition closely and find out what they are good at and how they do it — make great sales. You can always learn something from the competition.

While you may think you don’t have the time to make those vital calls to leads, go to that charity lunch, or make a presentation at your Rotary Club. You really cannot avoid doing those things. They are the lifeblood of your business. You are presenting yourself to people who may become your customers. Make that huge time commitment and watch your word-of-mouth referrals increase.

As long as it takes to do business is how long when working a lead?

If you are into month two of attempting to contact a lead and perhaps have made a connection, but there has not been a sale yet, keep calling.

And you keep calling once a month until you have done business. Persistence is the key to converting a new client. Yes, leads may reject you several times. That’s just how it goes. They may decide one day they do not really want insurance and say no to what you have to offer.

In a month or two, they may have changed their minds because their life circumstances have changed. If you don’t keep in touch, you could well miss making a sale and converting a loyal customer. Those who appreciate that you took the time to keep in touch are those who respect your persistence and are thankful you did keep in touch when they needed you. Sure, there are those who do not want to speak to you ever again. Deal with it and move on.


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