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As long as it takes to do business is how long when working a lead?

If you are into month two of attempting to contact a lead and perhaps have made a connection, but there has not been a sale yet, keep calling.

And you keep calling once a month until you have done business. Persistence is the key to converting a new client. Yes, leads may reject you several times. That’s just how it goes. They may decide one day they do not really want insurance and say no to what you have to offer.

In a month or two, they may have changed their minds because their life circumstances have changed. If you don’t keep in touch, you could well miss making a sale and converting a loyal customer. Those who appreciate that you took the time to keep in touch are those who respect your persistence and are thankful you did keep in touch when they needed you. Sure, there are those who do not want to speak to you ever again. Deal with it and move on.

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