5 Qualities Of A Successful Agent

Looking into becoming an insurance agent? Already one, and looking to become more successful? There are certain qualities an insurance agent must have in order to increase sales. Being an agent is not easy, and you will face a lot of rejection, and stress, but there are some important qualities to focus on that can make it easier. These qualities will not only raise your profit potential, but also boost your overall productivity and self-esteem as an agent.

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To be successful, you have to care about your clients, and behonest with them.

1. Care About Your Clients

Your clients needs must come first. In order to be successful in this aspect, you must put aside your care for a commission, and want to provide the best for your client. Listen to what your clients say, what they need, and provide them with good customer service. Customer service is key to keeping a client happy. No one likes to get the run around when dealing with a business.

Return your clients calls, find answers to their questions, and care for your clients needs before your own. Not only will your client remain yours, but they will refer you to others.

2. Hold Integrity High

Honesty is the best policy. When working with a client, be honest with what you can offer them. Deception only leads to a client not staying with you for long. Provide your clients with honest quotes and whether you can actually provide them with a better plan than their current plan. If not, then admit you cannot offer something better. You will earn a client’s respect and trust with your integrity, leading to more business over time.

3. Take Initiative & Know Your Product

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Know your stuff! A client will more likely want to work with you and refer you to others if you’re knowledgable.

Always appear to be eager and excited. Take initiative with a client with a positive vibe. A client can tell when you are down, or pessimistic. No one wants to work with someone like that. Now that that is out of the way, when you do take initiative, you have to know your product.

The more disciplined you are, the more successful you will be. As an agent, you must be determined to learn your products, and know all of the ins and outs. You need to possess more than just how to sell a policy. An agent must learn all of the tax and legal aspects of products. This way you will get a better understanding as to how these products are designed to fit a certain clients needs. The more you know about your products with confidence, the more a client is comfortable to work with you.

4. Have An Emotional Connection

This goes hand in hand with good customer service and caring about your clients. Build an emotional connection with your client. You can achieve this by empathizing with a client and learning what they really need and want. Do not look at a client as just a sale. Building an emotional connection with a client builds an everlasting relationship with them. They will feel like you genuinely care about them.

5. Persistence Is Key

Rejection will happen a lot when you work in this kind of field. The key to any successful agent is to be persistent. You will deal with a lot of clients saying “no,” and it is important to be able to accept it with a smile. Persistent in this instance does not mean that you have to badger a client. Instead, it means that even though you receive rejection, you keep pushing through and work until you get a yes from someone else.

As long as it takes to do business is how long when working a lead?

If you are into month two of attempting to contact a lead and perhaps have made a connection, but there has not been a sale yet, keep calling.

And you keep calling once a month until you have done business. Persistence is the key to converting a new client. Yes, leads may reject you several times. That’s just how it goes. They may decide one day they do not really want insurance and say no to what you have to offer.

In a month or two, they may have changed their minds because their life circumstances have changed. If you don’t keep in touch, you could well miss making a sale and converting a loyal customer. Those who appreciate that you took the time to keep in touch are those who respect your persistence and are thankful you did keep in touch when they needed you. Sure, there are those who do not want to speak to you ever again. Deal with it and move on.

Agents need patience to work leads

There are times when a lead instantly converts, but that is not always the case. You need to be patient and keep working your leads diligently. For every one instant conversion on contact, there are likely going to be at least three or four others that say they changed their minds, did not want to spend that kind of money right now, are waiting for a better time, or need to think about the information they got.

All those reasons are fair, but none of them has flatly said “No.” What do you do? You wait and reconnect later with further information, ask how they are doing, do they have any questions, tell them about new information in the area they were thinking about buying insurance, mail them new material and invite them to visit or call you at any time.

One call a week is not offensive. Offering new information is helpful. Mentioning a sale or change of policy requirements may pay off big time. In other words, you never know when a lead that wants more time is going to convert. Persistence and patience pay off in the long run.


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