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Agents need patience to work leads

There are times when a lead instantly converts, but that is not always the case. You need to be patient and keep working your leads diligently. For every one instant conversion on contact, there are likely going to be at least three or four others that say they changed their minds, did not want to spend that kind of money right now, are waiting for a better time, or need to think about the information they got.

All those reasons are fair, but none of them has flatly said “No.” What do you do? You wait and reconnect later with further information, ask how they are doing, do they have any questions, tell them about new information in the area they were thinking about buying insurance, mail them new material and invite them to visit or call you at any time.

One call a week is not offensive. Offering new information is helpful. Mentioning a sale or change of policy requirements may pay off big time. In other words, you never know when a lead that wants more time is going to convert. Persistence and patience pay off in the long run.

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