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If you run an insurance agency, it’s all about leadership

Captain of your own insurance agency? Are you in charge? Really in charge? Or are others just doing what they need to do to make it by every day? Is there a tried and true method in place for other agents to contact and follow up with leads? Does every employee have goals to achieve on a regular basis? Are your agents incentivized to work hard to bring in new conversions regularly? Are staff members properly trained to reach for the stars and not accept anything less?

Those are some tough questions. Do you have the answers? If you don’t, you may need to revisit your business and marketing plans to identify areas that need to be improved. If you do not provide the leadership needed by example, employees are not going to be operating at their maximum efficiency. You count on your staff to get hundreds of little details right to keep your customers happy and ensure they return. Are you making sure your staff is happy? Are you leading by doing? If not, it’s time to breathe new life into your work habits.

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