So, what’s the secret to being a good leader?

The secret to being a good leader is that there is no secret. It involves awareness of what is needed to make an insurance agency a success, to motivate staff to be their best, to offer the best in service and products to customers and to be a person of integrity, offering only what you would want for yourself.

It involves learning continually, striving to be better than you ever have been before, making certain you have your finger on the pulse of the insurance industry and are passing that vital information back to staff and customers. It involves leading by example. Doing what is right and best for customers. Being accountable, honest, personable, available and educated in all the nuances of the industry.

Being successful in selling insurance is not just about working with leads. It is about being an all-round great agent or broker able to hold your own in any conversation about insurance and how vital it is in today’s world. It is about converting those who think they do not need insurance. It is about being aware of your own skills in selling, presenting yourself and your agency as a valuable partner to those who are seeking insurance, but do not know what they want. It is about being a good leader who has put time in the trenches learning to be a good leader.

It takes hard work. Are you up to it?

Be the ideal leader and lead your team to build a successful insurance agency

Even if you don’t feel like an ideal leader, that should not stop you from forging ahead and doing what needs to be done to build your business. We can’t all be the ideal leader, father, mother, friend, brother, sister, uncle or aunt. But you can come very close to that ideal by working at it. Provided you work on the leadership aspect of managing your staff, you can still be the successful agent or broker that you want to be.

Once you have mastered the concept of self-leadership, then your goals and vision for the future begin to coalesce into something you know you can achieve. You know what you need to do and do it. You face down any obstacles that may be in your way, find ways to work around them, turn difficulties into lessons and turn lessons into success. This is the essence of attraction marketing, which does not just apply to garnering new customers. It also applies to working with staff and others to achieve your goals.

When you are in a successful relationship with workers and other agents, things will come to you. Put another way, things, people, good business deals, conversions and beneficial situations are attracted to you because of who you are and how you handle business. What you have become attracts what you need to succeed. Simple yes, but at the same time complex. Try it. It works.

How do you know if you have the stuff to be a leader?

Not sure you can lead a business to success? Not sure you can be a self-leader? Here is how you can figure out if you have the moxie to make it in the competitive business of selling insurance and running your own agency.

Check your attitude on these items:

  • Are you overwhelmed by the complex nature of running a business and constantly being on top of things?
  • Is constantly educating yourself about social media and other methods of promotion frustrating you daily?
  • Do you feel swamped with all the work that needs to be done?
  • Do you feel like your investment of time and money is producing very little in the way of returns?
  • Do you despair at the lack of leads you seem to garner?
  • Do you struggle with converting visitors to your website or blog to leads?
  • Do you struggle with converting leads to customers?
  • Are you merely coping with your business and not enjoying it?
  • Do you continually feel frustrated about seemingly not getting anywhere?

Did you answer yes to a number of these questions? If so, you may lack self-leadership. You need to be brutally honest with your self-assessment here because your whole career is riding on the answers. If you don’t have self-leadership, then chances are you do not have sufficient motivation to make it work either. Think. Think about it again. Then think about it from all angles. If you want to succeed, stay out of your own way.

If you run an insurance agency, it’s all about leadership

Captain of your own insurance agency? Are you in charge? Really in charge? Or are others just doing what they need to do to make it by every day? Is there a tried and true method in place for other agents to contact and follow up with leads? Does every employee have goals to achieve on a regular basis? Are your agents incentivized to work hard to bring in new conversions regularly? Are staff members properly trained to reach for the stars and not accept anything less?

Those are some tough questions. Do you have the answers? If you don’t, you may need to revisit your business and marketing plans to identify areas that need to be improved. If you do not provide the leadership needed by example, employees are not going to be operating at their maximum efficiency. You count on your staff to get hundreds of little details right to keep your customers happy and ensure they return. Are you making sure your staff is happy? Are you leading by doing? If not, it’s time to breathe new life into your work habits.


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