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So, what’s the secret to being a good leader?

The secret to being a good leader is that there is no secret. It involves awareness of what is needed to make an insurance agency a success, to motivate staff to be their best, to offer the best in service and products to customers and to be a person of integrity, offering only what you would want for yourself.

It involves learning continually, striving to be better than you ever have been before, making certain you have your finger on the pulse of the insurance industry and are passing that vital information back to staff and customers. It involves leading by example. Doing what is right and best for customers. Being accountable, honest, personable, available and educated in all the nuances of the industry.

Being successful in selling insurance is not just about working with leads. It is about being an all-round great agent or broker able to hold your own in any conversation about insurance and how vital it is in today’s world. It is about converting those who think they do not need insurance. It is about being aware of your own skills in selling, presenting yourself and your agency as a valuable partner to those who are seeking insurance, but do not know what they want. It is about being a good leader who has put time in the trenches learning to be a good leader.

It takes hard work. Are you up to it?

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