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How do you know if you have the stuff to be a leader?

Not sure you can lead a business to success? Not sure you can be a self-leader? Here is how you can figure out if you have the moxie to make it in the competitive business of selling insurance and running your own agency.

Check your attitude on these items:

  • Are you overwhelmed by the complex nature of running a business and constantly being on top of things?
  • Is constantly educating yourself about social media and other methods of promotion frustrating you daily?
  • Do you feel swamped with all the work that needs to be done?
  • Do you feel like your investment of time and money is producing very little in the way of returns?
  • Do you despair at the lack of leads you seem to garner?
  • Do you struggle with converting visitors to your website or blog to leads?
  • Do you struggle with converting leads to customers?
  • Are you merely coping with your business and not enjoying it?
  • Do you continually feel frustrated about seemingly not getting anywhere?

Did you answer yes to a number of these questions? If so, you may lack self-leadership. You need to be brutally honest with your self-assessment here because your whole career is riding on the answers. If you don’t have self-leadership, then chances are you do not have sufficient motivation to make it work either. Think. Think about it again. Then think about it from all angles. If you want to succeed, stay out of your own way.

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