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Don’t have the time to commit to insurance marketing? You may be in the wrong line of work

When you started your insurance agency, did you have the right business model? Did you have a clear understanding of how your income goals would be met? Did you study your market and understand what the statistics were telling you? Did you figure out the lifetime value of an insurance customer?

These may seem like niggling little details, but they are vitally important to the health and wealth of your insurance agency. If you don’t know your demographics, understand how they think and buy, comprehend what the latest trends are and adapt to meet those changes, your customer base may not only stagnate but also shrink.

Too often agents focus on getting new customers and figure the customers they already have are in the bag and loyal. They are only loyal if they get good customers service and an insurance agent who continually strives to make certain they get the right insurance at a reasonable rate.

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