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Too Big or Too Small? How to Find the Right Lead Company

A great number of lead generation companies on the internet are good at what they do — remarket themselves without a care for their customer’s needs and wants.

Insurance agents know they need to buy quality leads to continue the growth of their business. If a lead is not solid, even if it is worked properly, it may not convert. Conversions are the means of a thriving insurance agency.

The remarketing efforts of the bigger lead generation companies are great for some agents, but not for others. Herein lies the greatest flaw of these kinds of companies — leads sold and resold to numerous agents. This means that even though you may have asked for exclusive leads and were told that that is what you were sent, exclusive to the lead generation company really mean exclusive to a small group of agents. You find this out later when you are calling leads and are told by an aggravated potential customer that they have already spoken other agents.

You just spent marketing dollars and your time on those leads and they turn out to damaged. You cannot recoup your expenses. What next? Search for a lead generation company that sells exclusive leads, stands behind their product, replaces dud leads and works with you to get what you want. Choose a lead generation company that pre-screens leads, pre-qualifies them and sends them to you in real time. In other words, choose a lead generation company just the right size for you that suits your marketing style, understands what you need and provides what you asked for when you called to order.

While a larger lead generation company may be right for you, for others, it may be a smaller one. Things to be wary of when considering a smaller company are checking whether or not their website is legitimate, if they accept credit cards (Warning: if not they may be shady), are the leads scraped off the internet or sourced in another way, do they cater to you needs, do they replace bad leads and is their customer service reliable.

Searching for a good lead generation company is all about getting the right fit for the agent. You ideally want to work with an exclusive lead generation company such as benepath.net — a specialized agency with the resources of a large agency. You also want the trust and personalization of a smaller company that takes your feedback and uses it to continually improve the quality of their leads. That is what you get with benepath.net

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