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Content Marketing and Social Media Are Insurance Agents’ Best Friends

You may have heard this already, but it never hurts to hear it again. Social media and content marketing are still big. It’s just the way you use them that changes. Do you keep up with the changes?

It’s no secret that if you want to grow an insurance agency you need the tools and the ability to achieve success. Of course, tools alone do not guarantee that you will succeed, but tools combined with smart choices and a solid grasp of how to grow a business will get you where you want to go.

One of the first things you need to learn and do consistently is to write good copy. Can’t write to save your soul? Hire it out. Your business depends on it. Good writing has the ability to generate leads. Everything is connected when you are growing and running an insurance agency. Writing good content helps you on social media, online, in blogs, for speeches and even for presentations for prospective clients. Social media use and content marketing are crucial. Do not treat them like separate “tasks.”

There are some marketing gurus out there who insist that you need not spend money to get leads. While that may be a route you are tempted to take, here is one very good reason why that is not a good idea: lead quality. If you don’t get good leads, you waste more time on the phone trying to connect and sell than if you spent strategic marketing dollars to get pre-qualified solid leads from a lead generation company. You’re familiar with the old axiom that goes: “Time is money.” This is particularly true when it comes to working insurance leads.

This is not to say you cannot find your own leads. By all means, try that if you feel moved to attempt it. It might be worth comparing your results at the end of the day. But if you want to kickstart your business and keep it growing, buying exclusive insurance leads is the guaranteed way to go, provided you do the work to convert the lead. Remember, good leads alone do not mean business for you. However, good leads along with excellent sales skills ups the ante on being successful sooner.

Just remember that the core skill you must have is the ability to write (or hire out) content and market it skillfully in places such as your blog (you do have one don’t you?), on your website, in writing articles, news releases, in brochures and even in ad mail campaigns. The power of the well written word is something that still moves people to action. Combine smart marketing with a wicked ability to handle and source good, solid leads, and success will be yours.

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