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Another approach to cold calling?

Sourcing leads, in many ways a social endeavor, can be accomplished through many creative paths. Some insurance agents like cold calling and meeting potential customers to talk about insurance. There is no right way or wrong way to work leads, just so long as they are worked sincerely, enthusiastically and with the goal of finding the best insurance policy for a client.

What is one great idea to meet others and talk about insurance quotes? If you know anyone who works at a large company, ask them about setting up a quote lunch table at their workplace. Ask for permission to set up a lunch quote table—in the break room or cafeteria. Make it clear that you are not pushing anything, but simply offering to provide an insurance quote to anyone who may be interested.

Set up your table with a sign that advertises free quotes for anyone looking to save money with an insurance policy. Table traffic based on curiosity provides you with many opportunities to engage a potential customer. It is worth a try and you lose nothing by being there.

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