Understand marketing statistics and know your numbers

You wouldn’t take a vacation without knowing where you are going to go, so why would you go into business without understanding marketing statistics and knowing your numbers?

If you want to run and grow a successful insurance agency, you must know your marketing statistics, what your competitors are doing, how they are doing it, what makes them successful or different, what demographics buy from them, what demographics would be best served by your agency and so forth. Without numbers you are essentially flying blind – not a good idea when you are trying to make a living selling insurance.

Also be aware that your numbers do change over time in response to shifts in the marketplace, changes in insurance policies and even changes in government legislation affecting insurance. Always make it a habit to faithfully check your numbers on a regular basis. Why? It catches changes in the market and gives you a heads up to make adjustments to your marketing plan. It’s the smart way to grow your agency.

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