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Know What Types of Leads Best Promote Your Insurance Business

There are a number of leads you can order to help grow your business. Know what they are and how they may help you before investing your marketing dollars.

Typically, Medicare supplement leads are the most lucrative largely because you have a captive audience actively searching for supplements to help fill the gaps in their Medicare insurance. That being said, you would still want to narrow your competition in this area by ordering exclusive Medicare supplement leads.

The word “exclusive” to most people means that an individual is the only one receiving something. However, when it comes to online lead generation companies, exclusive does not necessarily mean exclusive to just one agent. It may mean exclusive to seven or more agents at the same time, which is a total waste of your money and time.

Those are not exclusive leads, they are shared leads. If you are trying to grow your insurance business, you want leads that are exclusive to you only.

Some agents may certainly find the price of shared leads to be very attractive, but in the long run, shared leads means lost money for the agent that came onto the calling tree last. By the time agent number seven starts calling his or her shared leads, he or she may discover the people with whom they are speaking have already talked to six other agents.

By ordering exclusive to you only leads, you are getting prospects who need and want some kind of health insurance, whether it is Medicare supplements, final expense insurance or long-term care insurance. Every day, Americans experience changes in their lives: someone discovers a health condition, changes or loses their job, turns 65 or experiences a financial setback. These are potential clients.

Casting a wide net to pull in as many leads as possible typically fails to bring in the kind of business a successful insurance agent wants to cultivate for the long term. Target marketing makes more sense, and by purchasing exclusive leads in the niche of choice, the chances of closing more sales is greater. Exclusive leads are definitely more expensive, but they are worth the investment due to their high conversion rate.

Other types of leads you may consider are filtered, shared and dated/aged. Filtered leads can be beneficial in winnowing down in a certain niche, and over the long haul may end up costing less due to the limited leads provided.

Shared leads are typically less expensive, but the competition is fierce. If you do not act on them immediately, you lose the lead to someone else.

The least expensive leads are aged or dated but do present some problems: the lead did not buy the first time they were contacted, they were never contacted at all (which is tantamount to a cold call) or the individual did buy, but they made a poor choice. If you enjoy challenges, these may be the leads for you. If you value your time, because time is money, you may want to invest in exclusive leads.

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