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Trying to find leads on your own?

Trying to find leads on your own is a good experience, and it teaches you the hard way to market a product. It’s not that it does not work, because it does. Decades ago, the insurance business flourished on cold calling and sourcing leads with known contacts. However, in the age of technology, the customer landscape is changing constantly and rapidly. You need to keep up.
If you’re selling Medicare supplements and/or Medicare, you are aiming at a certain audience. Most are tech savvy, though some are not (and some are in between and faking it). This is where you come in. Your audience informs the best way to market your products. Email campaigns, texting and tweeting about your products may work well with about 25 percent of your intended prospects. What about the other 75 percent?
If you know how your customers want to receive information, you have their attention. Some seniors prefer getting information in the mail. It is familiar. Posted mail gives people the time to sit, read and digest the information in their own good time before making a decision. Not all older Americans have a computer in the house. Some who do only use it for emails to grandchildren.
Tech-smart seniors do appreciate communication via the latest gadgets they own. Provide this part of your audience with the information they requested quickly and professionally. 
Contemporary marketing allows you to use multiple methods to suit different parts of your audiences.

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