Solid Life Insurance Leads

Whether you are just starting out as an insurance agent or have been selling for years, it is good to make sure you know where to go for dependable leads. In the worst scenarios, up to seven other agents fight to get a sale on a single lead. This process is a waste of almost everyone’s time. With shared leads, you often spend much of your time on the phone listening to irate potential customers who are fed up with calls from the various agents. Wait for these leads to age. If no sale is made in the first round, you may be able to distinguish yourself later.

Want to stand out from the pack in the meantime? Purchase exclusive life insurance leads, know your products, use a terrific script (and keep improving it), offer all the top products people want, send personal notes with useful information and send or make, where appropriate, follow-up emails and calls.

It is difficult to sell life insurance. You know that. But when you invest in pre-qualified and pre-screened leads, your task becomes easier. If you work your leads in the right way, your business bank account will shine every year.

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