Don’t like Twitter or Facebook? Other social media platforms can also help you connect with your life insurance leads

Maybe you don’t like Facebook or Twitter. Perhaps you find them clunky, too time-consuming or overwhelmingly technical. Most importantly, they may not be working for you.

Fair enough. They are not the only social media platforms you can use to promote your business and offer excellent customer service.

First, find details on your specific audience and determine where they hang out online. What platform does your audience use the most? Aim your marketing efforts toward that area, and don’t waste time in venues that don’t produce results.
Be sure you have clear marketing goals and a great content strategy for each platform you use.

While you’re busy using social media to market, keep careful notes. Tracking will tell you what is working and what is not. Many free, excellent online tools can track how well different social media campaigns are doing and offer tips to tweak your efforts.

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Partnering with a lead provider is crucial

Most agents feel satisfied with any lead provider who sells them leads and then lets them get on with working them. Unfortunately, not all lead providers offer leads an agent can use, which is a complete waste of time and money.

If you want to build your business, source the best lead provider you can find. If you go with a reseller, you will pay good money for leads that have already been worked by more than a few agents. Who made money on that deal? It certainly wasn’t you.

Why spend money and time on leads that will not add to your bottom line? If you want to build your insurance business, choose a lead provider who partners with you for mutual benefit.

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Solid Life Insurance Leads

Whether you are just starting out as an insurance agent or have been selling for years, it is good to make sure you know where to go for dependable leads. In the worst scenarios, up to seven other agents fight to get a sale on a single lead. This process is a waste of almost everyone’s time. With shared leads, you often spend much of your time on the phone listening to irate potential customers who are fed up with calls from the various agents. Wait for these leads to age. If no sale is made in the first round, you may be able to distinguish yourself later.

Want to stand out from the pack in the meantime? Purchase exclusive life insurance leads, know your products, use a terrific script (and keep improving it), offer all the top products people want, send personal notes with useful information and send or make, where appropriate, follow-up emails and calls.

It is difficult to sell life insurance. You know that. But when you invest in pre-qualified and pre-screened leads, your task becomes easier. If you work your leads in the right way, your business bank account will shine every year.

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How Life Insurance Leads Are Generated and How to Work Them for Optimum Results

Whether you generate your own life insurance leads are, buy them from a lead company or a little of both Jeff Root’s interview of Clelland Green will provide you with useful insights like:

  • How Life Insurance Leads are Generated
  • Things to look out for if you are doing your own search campaigns
  • Some excellent tips on how to get the most of your leads

Life insurance leads are useful tools in your marketing arsenal

Selling insurance is not just knowing about your product, carrying the top policies, dealing with the best carriers for your clients or even just giving good customer service. It is about wise choices when it comes to marketing yourself and your agency. It’s about what tools you choose to use when you want to purchase life insurance leads.

There are lots of online lead generation companies – some good, some not so good. You need to select one that resonates with you and offers you not only what you need, but stands behind their product. Life insurance leads need to be fresh, hot-off-the-press and ready-to-buy, not shared leads that may mean the prospective client hangs up on you because they have already heard from what seems like every insurance agent in America.

Pick a reputable lead generation company for your life insurance leads and make sure you ask all the right questions about how they may be of service to you in building your business.

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Term Life Insurance Leads

Do you want term life insurance leads that give results? Benepath is the right company for you. For several years, Benepath has delivered unparalleled results to agents looking for term life insurance leads. And their clients were all satisfied with the service they deliver. Most of all, Benepath is known for their term life insurance leads that leave both agent and client satisfied. So if you want to get your hands full with really productive and sure hit term life insurance leads, don’t hesitate to call Benepath at 866-368-0377 today. Remember, the key to success lies in being with good company and with Benepath, you could never go wrong with your term life insurance leads. With Benepath, you are assured of a bright future in term life insurance leads.


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