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Tired of tired old insurance leads?

Tired of tired old insurance leads? Tired of slogging against the current of other busy-on-the-phone insurance agents who beat you to the punch on calling leads? Problem solved. Order insurance leads exclusively for YOU from benepath.net. Invest a bit of extra money on leads that no one else gets but you, and you instantly have a jump on the competition. Sweet.

Just remember that when you work leads, even if they are hot off the presses, you need to take your time and allow your leads to make a purchase decision. Some will buy right away, because they knew what they wanted and were ready to spend the dollars to buy it. Others need to be walked through the process of spending their money. They need to know all of their options to make an informed decision.

If they don’t buy right away, keep working the lead. Sometimes, buyers take as long as six-to-eight weeks to determine what works the best for them. If you work with them the whole time, chances are it is you they will call when they are ready to buy a policy.

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