Dream large and small, but do something every day to make the dream reality

Having dreams about a successful insurance agency is the best way to build for the future. Part of those dreams must include how successful you shall be working and converting leads. Dream large. Dream small. But remember to take action on those dreams, no matter what size they may be.

If a dream feels overwhelming and shuts down your will to move forward because it seems impossible to achieve all at once, then you should break the task down. Do it one small step at a time. When you do one small step at a time, the large dream becomes closer to a reality.

If you sell one policy a day for a week, dream about two policies every day for the next week and figure out what you need to do to achieve that. If you need to change the kind of leads you buy, do it. If you need help calling your leads, get it. If your price needs to be more competitive, lower it. All dreams are achieved by making them happen in smaller steps to reach the pinnacle of success.

Don’t like Twitter or Facebook? Other social media platforms can also help you connect with your life insurance leads

Maybe you don’t like Facebook or Twitter. Perhaps you find them clunky, too time-consuming or overwhelmingly technical. Most importantly, they may not be working for you.

Fair enough. They are not the only social media platforms you can use to promote your business and offer excellent customer service.

First, find details on your specific audience and determine where they hang out online. What platform does your audience use the most? Aim your marketing efforts toward that area, and don’t waste time in venues that don’t produce results.
Be sure you have clear marketing goals and a great content strategy for each platform you use.

While you’re busy using social media to market, keep careful notes. Tracking will tell you what is working and what is not. Many free, excellent online tools can track how well different social media campaigns are doing and offer tips to tweak your efforts.

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Social media is a good communications vehicle, but don’t overuse it on your group insurance leads

Yes, it’s true. There is such a thing as “too much” social media interaction.

Think TV commercials. If you’ve ever watched a great show on Hulu and had it interrupted every ten minutes with the same commercial, over and over, you know the true definition of irritation.

If you over-promote a product, your presence can become annoying and delete-worthy. Instead, make it a point to send your promotions to the right crowd in a timely manner. Avoid promoting Medicare supplement insurance to the 20-something crowd, for instance.

Pay attention to what and where you are marketing, and give your customers plenty of time between postings to respond to you.

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Pair final expense leads with life insurance for complete coverage

If you’re discussing life insurance, chances are that life expenses will come up as well. Even if you are focusing on final expense leads, consider broadening your horizons. Remember to avoid marketing insurance policies in a vacuum. With life insurance, It makes sense to add a final expense policy to make a complete protective package for your customer.

To sell well, link the line of policies that can provide outstanding protection for your target client together. Find places to market in pairs to benefit both your sales and your clients’ care.

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Quality health insurance lead companies can be hard to find

There are a lot of lead generation companies out there, but not all of them care about your goals as an insurance agent. Some sell outdated leads, and some resell the same ones over and over while claiming them to be exclusive. Resold and aged leads rarely pay off; the generation company is the only one gaining anything from such transactions.

Make sure you are buying from a company that knows what it is doing, stands behind its product and works with you as a team. It’s your money. Your business. Your reputation. Take care of it and work only quality leads from quality sources.

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Leads Are a Great Way to Get Fresh Prospects

Word-of-mouth leads are grand, but you can’t always count on having them. There are only so many friends and relatives you may tap to buy insurance without being written off as a pest. There has to be a better way to get leads. Well, good news. There is a better way to get fresh leads for fresh prospects—invest your marketing dollars in leads from a reputable lead-generation company.

Sure it might seem like a risk at first. It may also seem expensive, particularly if you opt to go with exclusive leads, which are, hands down, the best investment you could make in growing your business. The thing to remember is that you always need a continuous supply of leads to make ends meet and start to earn a good living. By buying leads, you can tailor them to precisely what you want, when you want them, and then work them to conversion. It does not get any easier than that.

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You Can Generate Your Own Final Expense Leads, but Why Bother?

While it’s true that you can generate your own final expense leads, you can buy them from a reputable lead generation company with far greater efficiency and ease. For instance, Benepath.net offers insurance agents many different options for the delivery of qualified leads sent in real time.

The business of death is expensive, and potential clients would be well-advised to carry final expense life insurance to protect their families from the final bill.

These days, funeral costs can run as high as $10,000, paid out in three parts to a funeral home, a cemetery and a headstone manufacturer. It can be a significant financial burden for a person to pay such bills all at once, especially while grieving. It only makes sense for families to have a final expense insurance policy in place to cover those expenses. As an agent, you have an opportunity to work the leads you receive and to help educate people on the reality of the costs for end-of-life services and burial.

Not sure how to find final expense leads? There are number of ways, and one of them is to generate your own, but in general, your best source will be a lead generation company. Before you buy any leads, determine which demographics you wish to approach and make a list. That list may include seniors, short-term insurance policyholders, term life insurance holders and perhaps those who are not eligible for traditional insurance.

Most seniors do not buy life insurance once they have retired, but they do see the value in insuring their funeral and burial expenses. Since policy coverage is relatively inexpensive, you have a good selling point to make conversions. Short-term holders usually have insurance in place for particular life events, such as the duration of a mortgage.

Many of these potential clients are interested in insuring their final expenses as well When term life insureds outlive their policy terms, they like to have burial coverage in place. And those who cannot get traditional insurance tend to depend on their savings. Final expense insurance is a good option for them to avoid spending their inheritance and estate savings on their own burial costs.


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Expanding an Agency With Insurance Leads

When starting out as an insurance agency, it can be difficult to find your first leads. Solid leads are rare, and no one wants to solicit all their family members for business (there’s an invitation to Christmas dinner to consider). Instead, contact a lead generation company with a good reputation to discuss your needs. This relationship is part of the foundation of your business, because once you have a constant supply of insurance leads, nothing can stop you from making your agency a huge success.

You got into this business because you wanted to help people find the right kind of insurance, uniquely suited to them, and because you planned to make a profit. By investing in health insurance leads, you have a constant supply of potential customers. Pursue them as you have been taught in training and turn those insurance leads into your amazing success story.

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Tired of tired old insurance leads?

Tired of tired old insurance leads? Tired of slogging against the current of other busy-on-the-phone insurance agents who beat you to the punch on calling leads? Problem solved. Order insurance leads exclusively for YOU from benepath.net. Invest a bit of extra money on leads that no one else gets but you, and you instantly have a jump on the competition. Sweet.

Just remember that when you work leads, even if they are hot off the presses, you need to take your time and allow your leads to make a purchase decision. Some will buy right away, because they knew what they wanted and were ready to spend the dollars to buy it. Others need to be walked through the process of spending their money. They need to know all of their options to make an informed decision.

If they don’t buy right away, keep working the lead. Sometimes, buyers take as long as six-to-eight weeks to determine what works the best for them. If you work with them the whole time, chances are it is you they will call when they are ready to buy a policy.

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Old and new ways of generating health insurance leads

Out with the old, in with the new is the latest mantra for insurance agents wanting to expand their business base.

If you’re in the business of selling insurance to people, then you need to be connected to them consistently. That does not mean sitting on their doorstep or constantly calling them to set up appointments, but it does mean staying in touch on a personal and personable level to offer assistance. Yes, social media is a real boost in this area, and if you don’t use it, get busy and find out how to use it. Social media is a gold mine of opportunity for health insurance leads.

Once you get to know people on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, you’ll be in a position to ask for referrals from people you have already helped to select health insurance that works for them. They are your word-of-mouth referrers and have the ability to help you grow your social networks exponentially.

The best thing about social media? It’s free. You do not have to invest your hard earned money to use it.
Be natural online. Be yourself. Be approachable, personable and demonstrate your knowledge. If you just be who you are, the real you, you can deal with just about anyone who asks you questions or wants your opinion on various health policies. If you approach things from the point-of-view of being efficient and effective, you can’t go wrong. Insurance can be a tough sell. That is nothing new. These days, it’s who you are and how you handle yourself online that will also generate more leads and customers.

Do you carefully listen to your prospective and existing clients? If not, get with the program. If you have sharp listening skills, your ability to comprehend what a client wants works in your favor, and helps you to capture their trust. Everyone wants to be heard. If you listen closely and hear what a client really wants, and ask right-on-point questions, your ability to make sales increases accordingly.

Some agents think they don’t need to hand out business cards any longer, because they do business on the Internet. Wrong. Not everyone has a computer, knows how to use one or even uses one if they do have one in the house. Most certainly they do not carry it with them to meetings or lunch engagements (iPhones aside).

Having something to physically hand to a potential customer makes the contact that much more pertinent and personal, and that is what connecting with people is all about, the personal touch. They have something they can reach for and use immediately if they are not by a computer, or do not want to take the time to search online for you and then jot down your phone number, or call it direct.

Always remember, it is the personal touch that appeals to more and more people these days. The fact is mobile devices have turned our society into secluded, aloof and difficult to talk to people who would rather text something than pick up a phone or go visit someone. The social disconnect inherent in that is scary. Dare to be different and make direct contact when you can.

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