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You Can Generate Your Own Final Expense Leads, but Why Bother?

While it’s true that you can generate your own final expense leads, you can buy them from a reputable lead generation company with far greater efficiency and ease. For instance, Benepath.net offers insurance agents many different options for the delivery of qualified leads sent in real time.

The business of death is expensive, and potential clients would be well-advised to carry final expense life insurance to protect their families from the final bill.

These days, funeral costs can run as high as $10,000, paid out in three parts to a funeral home, a cemetery and a headstone manufacturer. It can be a significant financial burden for a person to pay such bills all at once, especially while grieving. It only makes sense for families to have a final expense insurance policy in place to cover those expenses. As an agent, you have an opportunity to work the leads you receive and to help educate people on the reality of the costs for end-of-life services and burial.

Not sure how to find final expense leads? There are number of ways, and one of them is to generate your own, but in general, your best source will be a lead generation company. Before you buy any leads, determine which demographics you wish to approach and make a list. That list may include seniors, short-term insurance policyholders, term life insurance holders and perhaps those who are not eligible for traditional insurance.

Most seniors do not buy life insurance once they have retired, but they do see the value in insuring their funeral and burial expenses. Since policy coverage is relatively inexpensive, you have a good selling point to make conversions. Short-term holders usually have insurance in place for particular life events, such as the duration of a mortgage.

Many of these potential clients are interested in insuring their final expenses as well When term life insureds outlive their policy terms, they like to have burial coverage in place. And those who cannot get traditional insurance tend to depend on their savings. Final expense insurance is a good option for them to avoid spending their inheritance and estate savings on their own burial costs.


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