Maximizing Efficiency with AI

Maximizing Efficiency with AI text overlaying image of a man in a suit with an ai brainThere’s no getting around it: we’re living in a digital world. Virtually every industry around the world, for better or for worse, has been touched by the capabilities of technology, and the insurance sector is no different. When it comes to the most recent developments in technology used in business, artificial intelligence (AI) stands out as one of the most controversial, but also one of the most innovative and useful. Defined by Oxford Dictionary as the “development of computer systems able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision making, and translation between languages,”. AI is already being seen by industry leaders as being full of potential for insurance agents. This potential is so exciting because experts think that AI will be able to increase agents’ productivity by streamlining certain tasks that would otherwise take much more time and human effort. 


Some capabilities of AI include the ability to automate certain repetitive tasks, process and analyze large sets of data, use that data to make business decisions, strengthen customer service, and much more. If you are an insurance agent who is curious about AI and its capabilities, it’s important that you understand the ways in which it can help you. So, you can harness its power to your advantage. 

Repetitive Tasks 

AI’s ability to streamline administrative work is one of the main advantages it holds for insurance agents and brokers. AI functions can automate many tasks that in the past were repetitive and time-consuming. So, you’ll be able to focus on more important and personalized work. Some of the areas that AI will be able to increase efficiency include:

Data Entry & Processing

One of the most tedious tasks for insurance agents is the dreaded entering of data into some sort of database. But with AI, that can be a thing of the past. AI technologies can create algorithms to automate data entry and processing so that you will not have to do it manually.


There are various advantages to data being entered and processed by algorithm-driven AI. One of these is accuracy. Though most of us take pride in our ability to be precise and accurate. The hard truth is that with AI, there is much less of a chance of errors occurring. Additionally, AI’s data entry functions can save you time by identifying discrepancies and errors that humans might otherwise miss. 

Communication & Customer Service

Another way that AI can benefit you, which has already been put to use in the insurance industry with great success, is with customer interactions and communication. You are probably already aware of chatbots that are powered by AI, but in case you’re not, these are bots that have the ability to take in information via text or audio, process the information and give prompt, precise answers. 


The best use of chatbots is for common customer requests or questions. And don’t worry… If someone asks a chatbot something that is too complex or needs a human response for some other reason, it will be able to direct these questions to you or other staff members. In addition, chatbot’s capability to offer support 24/7 means that you’ll have more satisfied customers. Since they will be able to get answers whenever they need. And you won’t have to be chained to your phone!

Document Analysis 

AI can also assist with demanding tasks such as reading lengthy documents, and extracting the relevant information. AI-driven technology such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR) has the ability to scan documents, convert them into images, and then process the words on the page(s). It will then be able to do things such as make edits, identify inaccuracies, extract specific information and enter that information into databases. As an insurance agent, you could use this type of technology to process and read through claims reports, policies, and other insurance-related forms. 

Gain Insight About Customers 

AI offers the ability to look at customer data, behavior, and needs in order to make important decisions in a number of areas for agents. This will ultimately increase accuracy and customer satisfaction. The areas it can assist in include:

Customer Analysis & Prediction

Algorithms powered by AI can look at huge amounts of consumer data to make precise decisions pertaining to quotes, claims, and underwriting. Types of consumer data that AI might look at include demographic information, claim history, credit history, purchasing patterns, and more. Having AI analyze customer data sets will make claims processes quicker and more accurate. And allow you to provide more personalized service to customers. Since you’ll easily be able to identify their areas of need. 

AI can be quite useful when it comes to customer prediction and fraud detection, as well. By looking at the historical data of any customer, AI can provide accurate insights about that specific person. This can result in you being able to provide them with fair pricing based on their records. As well as to identify risks quickly. Additionally, by combing through large data sets, these systems will be able to detect patterns of fraudulent activities. So, you’ll be able to identify them ahead of time, before a financial loss occurs. 


AI can also be harnessed to identify buying patterns and other marketing trends. By looking at certain factors such as age, location, family size, and other demographic information. AI can help you to gain insight into the average consumer in your target audience. This can open up new opportunities such as niche marketing campaigns, cross-selling opportunities, and personalized recommendations. By using AI-powered algorithms to analyze marketing opportunities, you’ll be able to spend less time on the nitty gritty details of an advertising campaign and more time accommodating your clients’ needs

Regulations & Training 

Artificial Intelligence can help you keep up with the latest compliance and regulation changes in the industry. It also serves as a stellar tool for training new employees. 

Compliance, Automation, and Alerts

As mentioned previously, AI’s capabilities to analyze documents has many uses. One of which is analyzing guidelines and contracts to help detect cases of non-compliance. With the ability to take any document and cross reference it against insurance industry regulations, AI can identify issues and inaccuracies. This can help you determine if a certain product or contract complies legally with the industry standards. If it doesn’t, AI technology can pinpoint exactly what is wrong, so that it can be easily corrected or changed. 


Additionally, AI can automate document reading. So, you’ll be able to quickly stay up-to-date on any industry changes related to compliance or regulations. It will simply use machine learning to read through lengthy documents or articles. And pull out the information pertaining to new regulations. You can also set up certain AI softwares to alert you about specific changes that you need to be aware of. This could mean you get a notification of regulatory changes, policy changes, fund transactions, compliance issues, and more. With AI, you can receive alerts in real-time, so there will be no surprises and you can take action immediately.

Teaching and Training 

Ai can be a powerful tool for speeding up the process of training new employees. AI bots or assistants can help new agents learn industry standards, terminology, and guidelines by utilizing training modules and tests. Chatbots will be able to provide instant feedback and answer questions in a timely and accurate manner. 


AI also has the ability to identify trends pertaining to each learner and create a specific course of action or path to fit their needs. Such as recommending specific resources. By taking into account the pace at which someone is learning, and analyzing metrics based off of their performance. New employees will be able to learn in a personalized way to fit their specific needs. 


Artificial Intelligence is making its way into the insurance industry whether you like it or not. So, why not use it to your advantage? AI can provide agents like you with solutions to speed up administrative tasks, gain insight into your consumer base, and analyze industry trends. As well as read through lengthy documents, automatically enter data, provide alerts, and help with training. And help with all of these tasks will add up to more time to do what you do best. Create satisfied customers!


Insurance agents who are already exploring the uses of AI get more accomplished during work hours. They also assess customer needs more accurately and identify fraud or compliance issues in a timelier manner. If you’re interested in taking your business model to the next level with AI, it’s important to learn as much as you can about this technology, since it can be a complex subject. 


This overview has provided a basic preview of some of the ways artificial intelligence can aid you in the field, but we’re finding new uses of it everyday. It is also crucial that you always remember that no matter how much AI can assist you, your experience as a human and as an insurance agent is extremely valuable, especially when dealing with customer relationships. Now that you have an understanding of how AI can help you, it’s time for you to put it to the test and become the best agent you can be!

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