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Social Media Is Not to Be Used to Sell Insurance, but It Does Anyway

It is interesting to note that there are hundreds of articles relating to marketing that suggest you use social media marketing to sell a product — which would include insurance. However, many of the articles do not tell you how to do that.

Sure, social media platforms are a great way to make people aware of your business, but that takes time. The first thing you want to work on and build is relationships. Simply put, if people do not know you as a personable, knowledgeable, down-to-earth, approachable person they may be less likely to buy products from you.

It is like buying from a faceless entity, a person they are not sure is reliable, a person who wants others to buy a product some may feel they do not need. This is why you do not hop on social media platforms and start selling insurance. Let people get to know you first, then begin quietly selling your area of expertise, which is first and foremost, your extensive knowledge and training that allows you to either answer questions right away or find the answers and helps you create intelligent, well-written articles about the subject.

So, first rule of thumb on using social media is, be social. Meet people and reconnect with old friends. In other words, relationship network with like-minded people. The relationships you build may take you places you did not think were possible. Never assume that being social first is a recipe for disaster and no sales. It often works astonishingly well, which is why your competition may be leading the insurance policy sales race. They use social media to garner friends — friends who, over time, become customers.

Here are a few pointers on how to be social without waving a red flag with “insurance agent” written on it:

  • Know your target niche.
  • Know what problems your product is capable of solving.
  • Make friends with those who are talking about your product and offer educational replies and the other side to any disparaging remarks about insurance policy prices and coverage.
  • Answer threads and questions and comment on issues that your product may affect in a beneficial manner.
  • Offer intelligent, intuitive advice to your target audience.
  • Keep contributing valuable content about your product that is new, relevant and refreshing.

Use social media friends as bonus leads in partnership with the leads you purchase from a lead generation company. (Hint: when you get your leads, always check your social media hangouts for the names. It is an instant way to melt the ice.)

Always remember to use your leads in an appropriate manner. If you are using social media and spot a potential lead, make friends first. If you are calling leads sent to you by a lead generation company, be friendly, personable, approachable, know your products and respond to their queries promptly and professionally. In the course building a direct phone camaraderie, find out what social media platform they use frequently and send them valuable, relevant information they need to make informed buying decisions about insurance products.

Being creative with social media goes a long way toward building your business successfully.

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