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Life insurance leads are easier to find than you may think

While you may have some skepticism about finding life insurance leads in a market that is struggling to maintain some sense of balance in the face of the economic mess the country is in, there are people that do recognize that this is actually the best time to buy life insurance. Just like a depressed real estate market is a good time to buy homes for sale at a profit later.

The market is ripe for agents selling life insurance to savvy buyers who recognize that now is the time to get insurance to protect their families if something happens to them.

Leery about buying leads? Not sure whether you should choose shared or exclusive leads? Largely, that depends on what you want to accomplish and how fast. Shared leads may take forever and a day to pay off in any substantive way. Exclusive leads could pay off much quicker, because they are only sent to one agent. It often makes sense to try both ways to get an idea of what works best for you.

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