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If you run a home office, make sure it is in a designated area

When you first get started on your journey to building a successful insurance agency, you have so much to do you often find yourself disorganized and doing things on the run. Slow down. Make one area of the home your designated office space, and make sure you do the online marketing and lead generation work from that space and that space only. It’s all about focus and organizational skills.

It’s also about being grounded and being able to stay on track when you are in the business frame of mind. Don’t work from the kitchen table or the bathtub. Make your designated office area the hub of all important business decisions. The place where you keep your files, notes, leads and technical manuals needed to answer questions. It’s not a pit stop to just whip out a few emails or a storage place for dog bones or kid’s toys. It is a workspace where serious work is done. It’s also a tax deductible niche in your home for a business office.

Carry this mental focus forward with you to running your brick and mortar office as well and you are going to be in good shape for whatever life throws at you.

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