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Know What You Want Before You Order Insurance Leads from a Lead Generation Company

To order insurance leads when you have no idea what you want is inviting a marketing disaster. If you go in blind and order whatever sounds good or the deal of the day, you are apt to end up with garbage leads and less money in your marketing budget.

Ordering insurance leads to build your agency is easy. Knowing what to order, how many, where and what kind is trickier. Growing an insurance agency takes hard work and dedication. Why mess up your chances at success by ordering leads blindly?

In reality, you do need leads, but where you choose to get them is entirely up to you. Having said that, consider this one important advantage before you try to chase leads on your own or order shared insurance leads.

The leads you chase have not been pre-screened or pre-qualified, so even if they are friends or family, you do not have any idea if they are going to convert. Friends may. Family may. However, there are no guarantees in life.

The same observation is applicable with shared leads from a lead generation company. A potential customer may convert, but chances are low because you are merely one of about seven, or more, agents calling a lead. Wouldn’t it be easier, less time-consuming and more economical to buy exclusive insurance leads that you know will convert, so long as you work them diligently?

If you spend what it takes to make money and carefully select your criteria for ordering quality, relevant leads, you can have the world by the tail. Filter your leads first on paper. To whom do you want to market? What are you marketing? Are you marketing multiple products or one specific product, like Medicare supplement leads? What demographics do you want to target? Where do you want to market your products? How many leads do you want daily, weekly or monthly?

There are other considerations as well. For example, what happens if you get a dud lead? Does the lead generation company you are working with replace that lead? It is important to know, because you are paying for those leads. But more importantly, be aware that not every agent likes the same method of marketing, the same lead generation company or even using the same kinds of leads that another agent does. Some may like aged leads and find they have great success with them. Others prefer real-time leads and make very good money by working them as they come in.

Each to one’s own, but before you know what is your own, do your homework.

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