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Group Insurance Leads May Not Pay Off Immediately

Seasoned insurance agents will be unsurprised to hear that group insurance leads do not always pay off (at least not right away). This isn’t at all unusual. When a prospective buyer is considering a massive investment like group insurance, he or she usually wants to find as much information as possible before making the final decision to buy. Some companies drop group insurance or cut back on what they offer employees when faced with a fluctuating and damaged economy. Such an investment can seem like madness in such a market; who would offer new group insurance to workers if they may have to downsize suddenly or shut their doors for goods?

Agents who wish to pursue group insurance leads with have their best luck with exclusive orders. If you purchase an exclusive lead from a reputable lead generation company, you can “know” you have a good lead: potential buyers are pre-screened, pre-qualified and have actually asked to have an insurance agent contact them. In the current economic climate, it would be impractical to waste valuable time chasing down leads on your own. Exclusive leads have the potential to pay off now or at a later date, and that is an encouraging starting point.

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