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Exclusive leads versus non-exclusive leads

Obtaining leads can often take one of two ways, through non-exclusive lead generation or exclusive lead generation. Below is a breakdown of the two methods and their advantages and disadvantages.

Non-exclusive leads

Non-exclusive leads increase competition among agents, they usually sell at a lower price than exclusive leads. When buying non-exclusive leads from a lead generation company, very often, there will be multiple agents calling. In most cases, non-exclusive leads are sold more than once and you may find that other agents are calling the same leads you are.

Purchasing non-exclusive leads has some benefits:

  • Non-Exclusive leads tend to be cheaper
  • Consumers get a variety of quotes
  • Larger amount of leads available


Cons of non-exclusive leads:

  • Converting leads may be harder
  • Bad leads are more likely to slip through


Exclusive leads

Most lead generation companies offer exclusive leads. With true exclusive leads you are the only agent that calls the lead.

The pros of exclusive leads:

  • Lead quality is higher
  • Higher chance to convert leads


Cons to exclusive leads:

  • Exclusive leads are more expensive
  • Less leads are available
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