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Reasons why many new insurance agents fail

While the concept of selling insurance may seem easy, doing it successfully, however, can be tricky. Many people view the insurance industry as field which offers lucrative career opportunities, and yet numerous new insurance agents struggle and give up. Many factors contribute to this tendency, among them three stand out.

First, new agents tend to expect too much too soon. Like in any other professions, it takes time and effort to achieve a high level of success. Growing a career in the insurance business means having to develop relationships, keep consistent and learn through practice and self-education.

To build on the first point, the second most common reason for new agent burnout is a lack of education and/or training. Many new agents never receive training or a mentorship. However, there are many useful resources for agents looking to self-educate or join an insurance association group.

The third reason for why new insurance agents fail, is that they focus on profit more than the clients. Selling insurance is a people business where building agent-client relationships is key. It is important to not forget that the insurance industry is service business.

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