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What to expect in your first year of insurance marketing?

The first thing a new insurance marketing agent must know is how to market their agency. Using a consistent voice across all marketing channels and accounts is key in growing any marketing company.

Mistakes are bound to happen, it is important to know that even experienced insurance marketers have periods when they can not seem to make things work the right way. Learn your lessons well, as they are the foundation to your future success. The first year of selling insurance will be tough, but do not give up before you master to work leads and convert them for your agency.

Here are a few helpful tips to survive your fist year in marketing:

  • Master the voice of your company
  • Try different and uncommon marketing tactics
  • Stay curious and inquisitive
  • Always put the customer first
  • Understand your target audience
  • Set an achievable sales goal

All you need to be successful selling insurance, aside from having a go-get-it can-do attitude, is to spend time learning and investing in new marketing tactics and skills. The key to success in the insurance business is the ability to educate yourself.

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