Successful insurance agents are focused agents

The first step to a successful agency is staying organized. Have your goals, objectives and an action plan prepared. However, do you have the focus and drive to meet your objectives?

There may be numerous obstacles to you accomplishing your goals. It may seem daunting calling new leads and convincing them to become loyal customers. Or, your problems may be more technical, like your computer may be malfunctioning.

With distractions and obstacles it may be though to stay focused. However, focus is your best friend and will boost your sales record incrementally as you work your way through what really needs to be done to convert customers and potential customers. Prioritizing everyday tasks will make staying focused easier.

The goal of your insurance agency is to gain loyal customers. Therefore, your priority is to focus on calling leads and following up with them. Other tasks can be moved lower on your list of priorities.

Focus on the outcome — more sales leads to more customers which equals more brand recognition. That is worth working hard for.

Are you committed to the success of your agency?

Are you committed to your development and the development of your business? Do you take action working with leads and making calls daily? Do you make sure to accomplish one goal you set for the day, every day? It may insignificant, but such action steps help in building a successful insurance business.

If you strive to set and meet marketing goals each day, you are bound to see growth in the success of your agency. Begin with setting out an objective plan in which you outline the daily, monthly and yearly goals for yourself and your firm. Tasks such as contacting all your leads every morning will set you up for success.

Does your attitude drive you forward to help others, including co-workers? Do you use your attitude to connect with people to educate them about the benefits of having insurance and letting them know you can help them find what they need?

Remember that your agency is not strictly about sales. The insurance industry is about customer service. Strive to always have the best attitude forward when interacting with potential leads and current customers. Often it is not just the product sold, but the person selling it that determines success. First and foremost, remember you are acting as an educator. A demonstrated passion and knowledge of insurance will be the determining factor in conversions.

Keeping these principles in mind will enable you and your agency to develop, grow and become an established name in the industry.

Four steps to maintain a good attitude and gain leads

The most successful agents live by the mantra of: 90% of sales is mental. A good attitude is highly valued when assessing a person’s skill and competency. Thus, a positive attitude can be worth more to the customer than the product. People love a good attitude and are attracted to it.

1. Believe in your product
Agents who are passionate and enthusiastic about the values and benefits of the insurance they sell are likely to be more successful. While agents should pay attention to driving revenue, they should most importantly focus on the needs and wants of their clients.

2. Use your training
Use the in-depth training you received on the sales process, consultative skills and customer relationship strategies. Believe in your selling ability. While confidence is not the only factor in selling insurance, it is still vital. When selling insurance, you need to first sell yourself. Customers will know if you are not confident of the products you are presenting to them.

3. Prioritize the customer
Rethink the way you treat your customers. It is likely that some customers get better treatment than others. While classifying customers is important for marketing purposes, in sales this tactic is incorrect. You need to see every customer as a VIP.

4. Believe in yourself
Research has shown that when people consider the outcome of a situation as positive, that outcome is more likely. So, if you believe that your sales pitch will be successful, then that prospect will become a customer.

A good product will not sell itself. A great product with the right attitude will ensure the success of your agency.

Lead Your Way to Success Selling Insurance

Successful insurance sales lead to growth in your agency. What you will chose to do to obtain these sales will dictate how successful you and your company will be. To maximize your success be sure to employ marketing strategies.

Having knowledge of how to drive traffic to your website, creating valuable and relevant information, and offering follow up, on all leads will ensure success for your agency. While this may sound like a handful, it is worth considering these strategies for increasing your exposure, which will lead to conversions.

Drive traffic to your website
If your website does not capture the attention of its visitors, you will likely never see them again. To successfully obtain the attention from your online visitors be able to provide useful information in exchange for contact information. For example, a set of bonus tips or an ebook are a one way to obtain contact information. Call-to-action buttons are another strategy you can employ.

Create valuable and relevant content
Compelling content is key for generating leads. Through well written information on your website will allow you to present your agency as the go-to in your industry. Well written, factual and informative content will generate traffic to your website, increasing the rates of conversion.

Follow up
After you have successfully gained the attention of your website visitors, make sure to follow up with them. Engaged website visitors are the leads that know they need are ready to buy from you, but have not contacted you yet.

Certainly there are multiple marketing strategies out there. But, you do not need to and should not use more than two marketing strategies. Find the right marketing approach that works well for you. When you feel that you need a companion marketing strategy, add another one.

Starting your own insurance agency

We all know people that thought they could just jump into selling insurance and make a good profit in a few months. However, managing your own insurance agency is not as easy as we think. Here is an overview on how to establish your own agency.

First obtain your license. The type of license you need depends on your state and where you want to run your business. Whether you are starting from zero or you will buy a book of business, raise enough capital. This money is necessary for getting office space, software, insurance, etc.

Next, create a business plan. Make sure that have the answers to the following questions: What risks do you anticipate facing? How will you resolve such problems? What is your budget, cash flow forecast and production prediction? Who are your customers? What are your products/services?

Get insurance and meet your state’s legal obligations. Register your business with the state and get your taxpayer identification number from the IRS. Because errors are common, you should think about getting E&O or professional liability insurance.

Obtain access to insurance markets. This can be done either through joining an aggregator or an agency network. This will allow you to build trust and a history within the industry.

What to expect in your first year of insurance marketing?

The first thing a new insurance marketing agent must know is how to market their agency. Using a consistent voice across all marketing channels and accounts is key in growing any marketing company.

Mistakes are bound to happen, it is important to know that even experienced insurance marketers have periods when they can not seem to make things work the right way. Learn your lessons well, as they are the foundation to your future success. The first year of selling insurance will be tough, but do not give up before you master to work leads and convert them for your agency.

Here are a few helpful tips to survive your fist year in marketing:

  • Master the voice of your company
  • Try different and uncommon marketing tactics
  • Stay curious and inquisitive
  • Always put the customer first
  • Understand your target audience
  • Set an achievable sales goal

All you need to be successful selling insurance, aside from having a go-get-it can-do attitude, is to spend time learning and investing in new marketing tactics and skills. The key to success in the insurance business is the ability to educate yourself.

Managing old and new leads is the way to a successful agency

Many insurance agents and brokers do not always realize that concentrating on getting more new leads means existing customers can stand to fall to the wayside. While generating new leads is necessary for business growth, it is important to remember that existing leads can not be undermined.

As much as insurance selling is about growing and expansion, it is also about maintaining the current client base. Proper customer service will ensure that current clients have room to grow. An existing customer base is one of the best assets an insurance agency has. Therefore, marketing dollars need to be spent on customer retention.

Organizing, managing and developing your leads is an investment of time, money and resources. Failing to manage new and old clients will make your company miss out on growth opportunities. Management of both old and new clients will allow you to run a financially successful insurance agency.


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