Four steps to maintain a good attitude and gain leads

The most successful agents live by the mantra of: 90% of sales is mental. A good attitude is highly valued when assessing a person’s skill and competency. Thus, a positive attitude can be worth more to the customer than the product. People love a good attitude and are attracted to it.

1. Believe in your product
Agents who are passionate and enthusiastic about the values and benefits of the insurance they sell are likely to be more successful. While agents should pay attention to driving revenue, they should most importantly focus on the needs and wants of their clients.

2. Use your training
Use the in-depth training you received on the sales process, consultative skills and customer relationship strategies. Believe in your selling ability. While confidence is not the only factor in selling insurance, it is still vital. When selling insurance, you need to first sell yourself. Customers will know if you are not confident of the products you are presenting to them.

3. Prioritize the customer
Rethink the way you treat your customers. It is likely that some customers get better treatment than others. While classifying customers is important for marketing purposes, in sales this tactic is incorrect. You need to see every customer as a VIP.

4. Believe in yourself
Research has shown that when people consider the outcome of a situation as positive, that outcome is more likely. So, if you believe that your sales pitch will be successful, then that prospect will become a customer.

A good product will not sell itself. A great product with the right attitude will ensure the success of your agency.

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